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EOTech Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Vouchers Now Shipping

In 2015, EOTech was found to have defrauded the US government over the performance of their Holographic Weapon Sights. They quickly settled with the government. As you can imagine, consumers who had purchased the sights were outraged.

EOTech parent company L3, launched a return program to reimburse the original price of the optics for those who were no longer happy with their purchase. However, a class-action lawsuit was launched against L3 anyway. This is the result.

What did participants in that class action lawsuit get? A voucher for $22.50 toward a new EOTech optic which much be used within a year.

Hat’s off to L3 for owning up to the issue and refunding full purchase prices for those who returned their optics.

This? It’s an insult to consumers. The law firm “looking out” for the consumer should disclose how much they made off of the deal.


25 Responses to “EOTech Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Vouchers Now Shipping”

  1. jbgleason says:

    And this is why I throw those “Notice of Proposed Class Action” mailings right in the round file.

  2. DSM says:

    Lawyers always get paid first.

  3. Ben Brubaker says:

    I don’t think EoTech is trying to slap their customers in the face with this. They offered refunds for their sights as a gesture towards the customer. The lawsuit was not their idea.

  4. Lasse says:

    Do you think any of the people in this law suit had experienced any shifts or anything, in training or in real situations? Because I somehow don’t.

    Anyway, have fun trying to find a new optic for $22.50

    • Easy E says:

      Lawyers are nearly always the actual winners of these lawsuits, and that certainly appears true in this case here.

      An individual consumer experiencing a shift under conditions that L-3 said this wouldn’t happen isn’t the point of the lawsuit — L-3 committed fraud my knowingly stating their optics were immune to such issues within certain parameters when they were aware that they were not. It’s worth noting that all similar optics experience the issues of thermal drift, parallax distortion, and other issues.

      From what I’ve seen the new EOTechs have minimized these issues, and L-3’s marketing is now honest; however, I personally believe they deserved to be sued for knowingly misleading – i.e., committing fraud – customers in an effort to make sales.

      The $22.50 is the amount that those who returned their optic for a refund from L-3 will receive in addition to their refund.

  5. jbgleason says:

    Attention L3! You need to immediately put a $22.50 Tshirt and hat combo on your website. People spend the voucher on that. You make a margin AND free advertising. You are welcome.

  6. SamHill says:

    I thought Eotech did right by giving everyone refunds with no questions asked. I went ahead and moved on to the Trijicon MRO, and haven’t looked back, but I hold no ill will towards L3.

  7. Kango says:

    lol I bet those guys in the lawsuit wish they would have just returned their sights and got retail price back.

  8. Bill says:

    I returned my sight just because it wasn’t being used.

  9. PC FIVEZ says:

    i scored 7 of these vouchers on top of getting full refunds for cheap and used eotechs on ebay. now would i be able to use all 7 vouchers on one single purchase? if not…then it will definitely justify how i ran off with a few grand from these liars.

    • Dan Og says:

      Did you actually get 7? I applied for 4 of the $100 vouchers because I own 4 Eotechs. I had called before submitting to inquire if I could combine all 4 vouchers on one purchase, and was told YES.
      I got 1 voucher a month ago, called today to inquire about my other 3 and was told you can only get and use ONE.
      I am pissed! Wish I’d just sent all 4 back for full refunds now….

  10. I VOTED 4 TRUMP says:

    a good trick was to buy the real ones from walmart then return a chinese counterfeit to get your money back. then turn right around and sell the real unit back to eotech for a full refund!

  11. Beau says:

    They sent me 444 for each sight I sent in.

  12. Jack Griffin says:

    Disaster shenanigans aside, I still enjoy using all my EO-Techs at home.

    I know they’re going to get me killed in the streets… but I can’t quit that crisp reticle, that big window.


  13. Squirrel says:

    Got mine the other day. Went right in the trash. L3 refunded my purchase price and in my opinion, they already did everything necessary to make right by me. Lawyer-Scum

  14. Pat says:

    The message is a little misleading, I got a check for $604. There was also an option to return your optic for a full refund of MSRP.

  15. PKT1106 says:

    I am on ARFCom trying to gather codes to get a new sight for testing. I had an EOTech that took a freezing bath for 12 days and want to do the same with a newer sight. If anyone has a code they are not going to use or will just throw away, please consider donating it to get this going. Right now, I have 5 codes, my own and 4 from other members. Any help is appreciated and details are in this thread:

    Thank you

  16. Chris Duran says:

    Just a heads up, I received the same voucher. It states it can be used on optics and GEAR, so that means you can order shirts, hats, accessories, etc. I used mine for a shirt and it worked perfect. FYI…

  17. Will says:

    Pretty crazy that people are still even using these things. All of the XPS stopped working, the zero issue at cold or hot temperatures is the least of the issues. Literally all of them first became dim and then stopped working within a few years. They did right, but get a T-1 or T-2 for christ’s sake.