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Jake Hoback Knives and PROOF Research Team Up on Limited-Edition PROOF of Life Axe

Priest River, ID (September 2017) Jake Hoback Knives and PROOF Research are pleased to announce the release of a collaborative project, the limited edition PROOF of Life Axe.

Jake Hoback started making knives in 1990 in his backyard, pounding them out with a framing hammer and fence post nails. Since then the Idaho-based company has grown into an industry leader in the manufacture of premium knives and axes.

PROOF Research is a science-driven manufacturer of lightweight precision rifle systems, record-breaking steel barrels and carbon fiber-wrapped barrels. The company’s Advanced Composites Division develops next-generation materials to produce innovative weapon systems that lighten warfighter load while increasing durability and effectiveness.

“This was a unique collaboration,” stated Hoback, who describes his design as 1/3 tomahawk, 1/3 crash axe, and 1/3 ultra-light axe. “PROOF Research supplied the technology expertise and composite materials. Their design input was simple and concise: ‘In terms of fighting functionality, materials, and overall design – produce the highest-performance axe regardless of cost.’ Mission accomplished.”

The PROOF of Life axe is CNC-machined from solid S7 tool steel. Recesses and skeletonized cutouts reduce weight to a perfectly balanced 18 ounces, while internal structural webbing and radiused corners keep the design strong enough for heavy use. The head bevels feature scalloped channels to guide the axe into the target and to reduce the risk of glancing blows. Edge geometry was similarly well thought out, with the top of the edge bevel ground for hard chopping, and a shallower grind on the bottom edge for precise slicing and detail work.

The axe’s scales were created from aerospace-grade carbon fiber bound with high-temperature resin for maximum toughness. The fiber grain direction is also parallel to the handle for structural integrity and to reduce the transfer of impact harmonics to the hand.

“Our customers fit into one or both of two niches,” said Derek McDonald, Chief Marketing Officer for PROOF Research, “those whose profession requires the absolute highest performance, and those who demand the very best and are willing to make that investment. The PROOF of Life axe is a fit for both of those customers and also happens to be a very nice collectible for die-hard fans of both Jake Hoback Knives and PROOF Research.”

The limited edition PROOF of Life axe is available at for $750.

For more information on PROOF Research, visit

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2 Responses to “Jake Hoback Knives and PROOF Research Team Up on Limited-Edition PROOF of Life Axe”

  1. SamHill says:

    It’s cool, it really is, but definitely past the point of diminishing returns IMO. I have traveled across the entire spectrum in knife collecting, and have come back to carrying Spydercos, Emerson, Benchmade, etc. Anything much past that area just gets fancier or adds more perceived exclusivity. Strictly talking materials a $700 knife or $1000 knife isn’t using something much better than that $300 knife it just looks fancier, or is made by some flavor of the year maker.

    As far as tomahawks go, RMJ has been the gold standard for many years. This proof axe would be pretty in a display case in a fancy gun store but no way I’d buy it to chop windows and doors with, it’s just too damn pretty.

  2. Mike says:

    Lol, half their knives are tributes to people who could NEVER afford them.

    Which just like the boutique level tactical industries ensures that none of their products will end up in enlisted hands, they’ll almost entirely be owned by people who opted out of military service in favor of a higher paying civilian career.