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TangoDown / Vickers Tactical – Gen5 Glock Part Compatibility

I met with TangoDown at last week’s NTOA and asked about which Vickers Tactical aftermarket parts for the GLOCK will fit the new Gen5 G17 and G19 models.


Below is a list of existing parts which will enhance your Gen5 pistol. Over the next few months TangoDown told me they will be releasing the parts which they must overhaul due to the upgrades GLOCK made to the Gen5 (ie. Slide Stop & Slide Racker). Stay tuned for future releases!

What fits the Gen5 GLOCK?

Mag Release: GMR-003 ($16.92-$18.92)

Magazine Floor Plates: VTMFP-001 ($18.50-$23.50)

Grip Plug Tool: GGT-02 ($17.95)

Visit www.TangoDown.com for more information! All GLOCK parts can be found under the ‘Items for Glock’ tab.

Customer Questions: Sales@TangoDown.com

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One Response to “TangoDown / Vickers Tactical – Gen5 Glock Part Compatibility”

  1. Ryan Snow says:

    @JC you said an io cover for the micro t2 would be available within a few weeks two months ago. I’m still waiting.

    Also you can’t access your tangodown website if your overseas.

    Spare me the witty responses, and give me solid answers