Kit Badger – How To Hack A Standard M4 Pistol Grip

In this video, Ivan of Kit Badger shows how with a bit of time, and hand tools, one can modify the stock M4 pistol grip into something a bit more ergonomic and comfortable.


8 Responses to “Kit Badger – How To Hack A Standard M4 Pistol Grip”

  1. Steve says:

    You know, if you just went to work for the 1-2 hours this would take, you could probably just buy a Magpul K grip (and maybe a spare), even on minimum wage.

    • Hie says:

      Lol yep, they are only 17 bucks…REMF

    • Kit Badger says:

      It actually only takes maybe 10 minutes. Unless you are one of those people that is a danger to themselves and everyone around them when they use tools.

      Then, by the time you get your safety gear and mouth-piece in place… …you may be looking at 1-2 hours.

    • donnie whalhberhgh says:

      How’s it feel getting wrekt so hard by Kit badger lmao?

  2. Steve says:

    So you’ve created something that’s already mass produced and very affordable–congrats.

  3. Sydeburn says:

    Good idea for those in other countries that have to deal with US ITAR export restrictions.
    I’ve modded an airsoft AK grip with hockey tape to build it out to fit my hand while I waited on mail-order parts to come in.

  4. fritz bousigschouer says:

    i do that for say 3 years sure and stipple them afterwards to get a non slip uniform look.