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Mega Lumens Monday with the NEW XC1-B!

Fountain Valley, CA—SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative—illumination tools and tactical products, is proud to announce the launch of the all new XC1-B compact handgun weaponlight. The XC1 was developed to be as compact and capable as possible and intended primarily for concealed-carry use. SureFire’s smallest and lightest weight weaponlight has been upgraded to deliver more output and feature improved switching based on feedback from subject matter experts. The new XC1-B has an output of 300 lumens and is now capable of one-handed constant-on activation.

Ambidextrous switching provides both momentary and constant-on activation options. Momentary activation is achieved by placing your support hand thumb on top of either of the two rear downward-activated switches and pushing down. The XC1-B will stay in momentary mode for as long as either toggle switch is depressed and held in the on position beyond a fraction of a second. Constant-on activation is achieved by quickly tapping either one of the momentary switches. To turn off the constant on mode, quickly touch and release either toggle switch. Constant-on can also be achieved by using your support hand to push the center crossbar switch from left to right.


17 Responses to “Mega Lumens Monday with the NEW XC1-B!”

  1. Bowman says:

    Its not on their site yet. I’m only seeing the XC1-A, the original 200 lumen version. Am I missing it or is this just a press release type thing?

  2. Blue says:

    Any links on where to purchase this or even pre order?

  3. CWG says:

    Dimensional differences?

    Regarding holsters

    • Andrew says:

      The battery door is the primary dimensional change, and that shouldn’t affect fit in most holsters.

    • Mike Nomad says:

      Just sent my 1st gen XC1 back earlier today (started randomly turning on, and then only being able to turn it off by removing the battery).

      The Rep informed me that I would be getting the B model as a replacement (Personally, I’d rather have more burn-time than another 100 lumens). When I asked about any dimensional changes, he said that the battery door comes out (forward) about an extra 1/8″.

      I’m using a Morrigan from Raven Concealment Systems. Currently, there is about that much space open up front. Hopefully, I don’t have to take a blade to it…

      • Mike Nomad says:

        Just got my XC1-B… Good Grief, that thing is bright.

        The front edge of the new battery door does “bottom out” in the holster, but not until after you get past the retention point. Still, being the Occasionally OCD Kind Of Guy that I am, there is mild X-Acto / Dremel work to do. Some other things:

        / Behavior change will be required when using the momentary switches. RTFM, and use the light for a couple of minutes. No Big Deal.

        / The constant on switch has more of a solid engagement. Also, it no longer has the metallic “click” like the previous model.

        / The did something to the rail clamp assembly. With the previous model, you had to pay attention to much tension you applied, because the light would dip on the rail if you applied “too much” tension. Now, I can snug it to where I think it needs to be.

  4. rearmount says:

    I’m liking this recent Surefire trend…making the venerable G2 series brighter, now this. Hopefully the next up would be 800 lumen Scouts!

    • Wake27 says:

      I am too, and my assumption is that they’ve got a solid number of lights that they’ve upgraded because of the way they’re announcing it.

    • njlawman says:

      They actually have a 1500 lumen scouts on the way.

  5. EzGoingKev says:

    I do not understand why they do not make the switch work like the x300.

  6. PPGMD says:

    “The XC1-B will stay in momentary mode for as long as either toggle switch is depressed and held in the on position beyond a fraction of a second…”

    My Inforce has this feature it drives me nuts if I just want to light something up real quick. Like Kev I think I would’ve preferred something closer to the X300 switch. Though the X300 can be a little hard to push for momentary it requires two different motions for constant vs momentary.

  7. chico78 says:

    Management was like:

    “Hey ID department, Make this production CAD model look like a concept drawing”.. Been there..ha ha.