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Burn Proof Gear – Suppressed Pistol Holster

Burn Proof Gear specializes in suppressor covers. However, they also offer a holster compatible with suppressor-equipped pistols. That’s feat enough alone, but they’ve also made the holster large enough for a suppressor equipped with their BPG Suppressor Cover Light. Granted, that’s a serious draw stroke, but few suppressor holsters exist on the market.

The holster is equipped with the G-Code RTI attachment and fitted with a G-Code drop-leg kit.  

There are a bunch of weapons and suppressor out there, so check out the website for the particulars, as well as color availability.



11 Responses to “Burn Proof Gear – Suppressed Pistol Holster”

  1. Kit Badger says:

    No AIWB version yet…? 🙂

  2. Well, you could use a Rapid Retention System and alleviate all that hassle altogether.

  3. Jeff S says:

    Safariland screw pattern would’ve been nice…