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SMA Dailey Gets Fitted for ‘Pink and Green’ Uniform


Members of PEO Soldier’s PdM Soldier Clothing and Individual Equipment and the SPIE Public Affairs Officer staff met with the Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA) at the Pentagon today to fit him for the proposed Pink & Green uniform.

During AUSA we, here at SSD, showed you prototypes of this proposed dress uniform which is inspired by the World War Two-era Pink amd Green, so named due to the underlying hue of the two-tone jacket and trousers.

Look for an interview with SMA Dailey by the PEO Soldier PAO team soon which will discuss the uniform.


SMA ofdice photos by PEO Soldier.


59 Responses to “SMA Dailey Gets Fitted for ‘Pink and Green’ Uniform”

  1. Kirk says:

    Just make the bad man stop, please… I can’t take any more of this idiotic uniform crap for uniforms that 90% of the force won’t even wear for anything other than routine inspections, a few ceremonies, and whenever the CSM gets a wild hair or two…

    There are, to my mind, innumerable other issues that should have priority over all this dress uniform BS. Yeah, the “Pinks and Greens” are probably what we should have gone with, instead of the ASU, but… That train has left the station, and most of those uniforms purchased to replace the old Dress Green Class “A” uniforms aren’t so much as slightly worn out, as of yet.

    Seriously, though… There ought to be a minimum length of time set, for a dress uniform lifespan. Call it twenty years, or so, and then you get the chance to make a change since the last time. Have issues before 20 goes by? Take some notes, and then deal with the necessities the next time round. This is, flatly, nuts. The ASU has been in service for not even ten years, and they’re talking about replacing it? WTF? We’ve got money for this, but we’re still how many millions behind on things like maintenance on the vehicles coming back from war?

    We suffer from a bunch of people who apparently lack any ability to discern what’s really important, and then prioritize on those things getting done before other bullshit. In the grand scheme of things military, the dress uniforms are about a “Category Q” sort of priority, to my way of thinking.


      This is a great idea SMA Daily. It is about time they bring the Army uniform inline with the other military branches. I never understood why us (the Army) the large military branch had only one uniform and the Marines which isn’t a branch have so many uniforms. They have Class A, B, C, D dress uniforms and a dress blue and white dress uniform. Wish you would bring back the khaki uniform and wear the khaki shirt with the ASU trousers. SMA Daily please ignore the negative comments. I work with young people daily and know how the Marine uniforms impress them into jointing the Marines.

  2. Q says:

    The Pink and Green along with the Dress Blue I believe are both rooted in the history of this nation and look great. The blue throws back to Meade , Grant and Sherman and this nations most turbulent period and its rapid expansion west. the Pink and Green iconic of the generation that defeated the Axis. That being said I truly can empathize with the sentiments above from Kirk. Though the USMC seems to do a fine job of maintaining two very distinct and iconic uniforms.

    • GANDIS says:

      The Marines, of all branches, don’t have money to play dress up which only reenforces the heritage and meaning of their uniforms. While I like the look of the “pinks and greens”, I feel as though since the Army has moved on to new uniforms, returning to the pinks and greens only detracts from its value. The difference is like having a lucky jersey that has been with you for ever, or buying a “throwback jersey” to wear for nostalgia’s sake. It’s just not the same…..

      IMHO, the Army should have just stuck with the old green Class As. There is more history and heritage in that uniform than almost any other in the Army’s history.

      • SSD says:

        That horrible dress Green uniform. The Army thought it was modernizing when it adopted it. Guys grumbled about it when it came out as well, but they weren’t so modern as to have a social media platform to complain about.

        • GANDIS says:

          I don’t disagree. I think that the Army really should’ve never changed uniforms from the original “ pinks and greens“. My intent was that the constant changing leads to a lack of esprit de corps and heritage. Not to mention the ridiculousness of it all in such a short time. This article here, although written in 2003, I think is quite on point. While I may not agree with everything, most the stuff he writes I think is correct even though some of it may be outdated.


        • oldsoldier says:

          I agree. The pink and greens looks great and it is about time a SMA is leading this effort. Tired of the whiners complaining about this uniform change. Finally, they are making common sense decisions that will lock in these uniforms for decades to come.

  3. Jack says:

    Why is it all the old style looking uniforms class up everything so much? I loved me some Navy Aviation Greens.

  4. Dave says:

    So, why is the SMA wearing a replica of a WWII officer’s uniform? His uniform should be OD green jacket with OD green trousers.

    But this is besides the point. Why require another expensive and rarely worn uniform to replace the other expensive, rarely worn uniform that was made mandatory not 2 years ago?

    The “pinks and greens” are an officer’s uniform that was worn for less that 20 years. The green Class A uniform that was retired 2 years ago was worn for over 60 years, it has much more history to it and was worn by almost every Soldier serving today. I’d much rather wear the uniform I was issued when I enlisted rather than playing dress up and pretending I’m my grandfather.

  5. 32sbct says:

    I know I am probably in the minority but I think these make Soldiers look like WW II Reenactors. The Army has made a lot of history since this uniform was worn so I don’t see the need to look back 70 + years. As stated before, the ASU has only been out less than a decade why the need to change it now? If you want a throw back uniform, bring back the summer khaki uniform. That would make sense. It would be inexpensive (just a shirt and trousers) it looks better and would be more comfortable then the ASU class B.

    • Mitchell Fuller says:

      Agree. When I first saw them I thought same or Corp at TAMU. And yes, bring back khaki uniform.

      • SSD says:

        So you want the khaki uniform, but not the two tone model? Ever own a Green Class A uniform where the jacket was just a shade darker than the trousers? That’s the beauty of two-tone uniforms

        • Jon says:

          SSD- I think that’s a good point, that’s why we have the Dark Blue jacket and bright blue pants right? because Civil War soldier’s pants would get sunbleached right? Least that’s what I heard when they told me I had to buy the ASU…and then unique items to become a Loggy from the Ordnance corps…

          I’m sure the “50 mission crush” on the hat will be outlawed pretty damn quick if this comes to issue.

          • Bulldog76 says:

            The whole bleached trouser thing is a myth in 1861 the us army adopted “sky” blue trousers made from kersey wool

            • Bulldog76 says:

              Excuse me 1858

            • SSD says:

              I can tell you that it is always much easier to implement products that aren’t 100% color matched.

              Consistency of Dye lots is much easier to control now than it was in the 1800s, but we still run across shading variations.

              While the horse soldier tale is just that, try wearing a set of dress green trousers as class Bs regularly like in a school environment and after even a few weeks, throw that coat on. The shade variation is noticeable.

  6. colin says:

    I am conflicted on this, I wish the Army held onto history better.

    Keeping a dress uniform is a small aspect of that, ie not change it constantly. Like we should have never gotten rid of the pink and greens.

    Ultimately its up to the green weenie in the sky

  7. Mike says:

    This is fucking stupid! More stupidity from the Army!

  8. Mitchell Fuller says:

    Stop this foolishness. Go back to khakis.

    • Spec9 says:

      As long as you didn’t sit down, starched khakis were simply outstanding!!!

      • AGL Bob says:

        After wearing khakis all day in high humidity you looked like you got shot with a wrinkle gun.

  9. B. Harris says:

    Like this matters when u can walk off a fire base all the while you get several
    Real non traitor Americans KIA while looking for you. Then have
    a president trade enemy commanders for your release for your
    safe return. You catch a promotion, get home ( With a giant beard that you don’t shave off while standing next to the commander and chief ( Obabma ) without restrictions, prompted with back pay. Get your day in military court for a court martial, no jail time with a fine and land Hollywood movie and a book deal.
    We are fked.

    • SSD says:

      What does your rant have to do with this article? There are places for that. Try Facebook.

      • CV76 says:

        I agree with B. Harris here and it has plenty to do with this article which points out the absurd lack of morals in leadership that cause men like the SMA and his predecessors to WASTE our tax dollars with these pet projects. Pick a uniform and stick it. I mean stick with it. AIRBORNE!

        • SSD says:

          Nope, zero to do with each other. This isn’t a morality problem and if you think it is, you don’t understand what morals are. If you’re in the military, you’re going to have uniforms. A deserter who has disgraced himself has nothing to do with this topic.

          You’re more than welcome to make substantive discussion here. But if you can’t, go be pissed off at the world somewhere else, both of you.

  10. VictorVector says:

    Forget this; but let’s go back to the khaki summer uniform as an option.

  11. Moshjath says:

    Great uniform, can’t wait for this to be implemented. And for dudes complaining about how this is going to ‘replace’ the ASU’s, my understanding is that is not the case. It will provide a medium level of dress uniform that is appropriate for what a significant portion of the Army needs on a daily basis for routine wear. It will do that while looking much better than a ridiculous white shirt and blue pants combination. This is really no different from the approach the USMC uses.

    • SSD says:

      I agree

    • GANDIS says:

      If I am not mistaken, was that not the point of the khakis that were discontinued so long ago?

    • Dave says:

      Yes. There is no need to be in a field uniform if you spend 90% of your time in an office. A daily uniform that presents a professional image would be an improvement. I’m looking forward to wearing this.

  12. Dave says:

    I’m sure next they’ll bring back the brown leather jacket and make it optional for all Soldiers, rather than restricting it to aviators.

    This looks like it means the end of the black beret as well. The ASU’s will go back to being the dress blues, and the new Class A’s are being modeled with service and overseas caps.

    • SSD says:

      There’s talk of bringing back the 80 leather jacket for everyone, but that’s a pretty hefty optional purchase item. Additionally, the beret will stay.

  13. Dave says:

    So now I’ll have to maintain a brown service cap, a brown overseas cap, a blue service cap, and a beret?

    • SSD says:

      How awful! Having to own uniforms while in the military. What a horrible concept.

      Don’t use your clothing allowance for beer and you’ll be just fine.

      • Fadingone says:

        The allowance that is literally 80 dollars so enough for a new top and bottom for ocp uniform but not the boots which run about 100 to 250. Or the fact that the pinks and greens will be expensive as fuck and will only be worn a few times a year. The only upside is it will take years for it to be mandatory and i will be out by then.

        • SSD says:

          It’s $468 a year. If they authorize a new uniform, it won’t be mandatory for several years and they’ll increase the rate of the allowance.

      • Kirk says:

        Are we talking about the same clothing allowance that maybe pays enough to keep your daily duty uniforms looking somewhat presentable? Because, the last time I looked, ACUs are around $96.00 a set, and you generally need to buy at least four new sets a year… Which, when compared to the annual Clothing Allowance of $468.00…? Barely allows you to maintain a presentable appearance in your duty uniforms, completely ignoring the need/necessity to pay for dry cleaning of your ASU and whatever other incidentals may come up.

        All y’all who so blithely suggest that new dress uniforms are things you should be able to afford out of your annual clothing allowance are probably former officers whose closest acquaintance with concertina was walking by it on the way into the TOC, where you basically did your nine-to-five job the same way you do it in garrison. We lower enlisted swine go through uniforms at a much higher rate because we actually, y’know, work in them.

        Some years, I had to buy as many as eight sets, due to the idiocies of the various people I worked for, insisting that we wear “serviceable uniforms” for training. I actually had a CSM tell me that I shouldn’t be wearing a repaired uniform to work around concertina in the field, because it “…presented an unprofessional appearance…”.

  14. .308 says:

    GREAT for Warren Buffet!

  15. Mike says:

    Does this mean brown jump boots for Airborne units?

  16. Ranger Rick says:

    So this uniform will also be made of some form of crappy polyester and the shirts/blouses will be well oversized?

  17. Aaron says:

    So glad I’m out and won’t have spend the 2Gs or whatever this will cost.

  18. Attack7 says:

    No matter what color it is, they’ll still look like ass…the Army’s the only service that hasn’t a clue how to get all the parts to look right when worn (tailored shirts, jackets, shirt stays, etc.). Even the SMA and his staff can’t seem to understand how to wear his headgear correctly. The Old Guard does a decent job, everyone else looks like a Dress IOTV = huge, billowy, and frumpy at best! Being athletic fit, Marlow White and great tailoring go a long way!

  19. Paralus says:

    Look great….on fit, athletic young people.

    What will paunchy chair-force folks look like in them? Is there a maternity version?

  20. Palmer Wilson says:

    This makes no sense whatsoever. Going back in time does nothing to improve the future. Besides the uniform pictured on the two models is atrocious. For the record this is not the uniform worn by the enlisted personnel who won WWII.

  21. Brant says:

    I wore pinks and greens as part of the cadet uniform at Texas A&M. They look sharp, easy to take care of, don’t wrinkle. Whatever fabric A&M uses, works.