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High Speed Gear Revolutionizes the Magazine Carrier Market Again – Introducing the Polymer TACO

High Speed Gear (HSGI), designers and makers of the 100 percent Made in the USA, Battle-Proven Tactical Gear™, is proud to announce that the next generation of magazine carriers are here. HSGI originally set the magazine carrier market on fire with its innovative TACO® design that allowed the carrier to be expanded or contracted side to side and back to front, all at the same time. Its revolutionary two-piece system provided the necessary retention and the ability to index just about any magazine on the market. Now, HSGI has built upon the success of the original TACO to a new Polymer TACO, incorporating all the same great patented features, but in a durable polymer material that offers light weight and water proof capabilities (does not water proof inserted items). And, like all of HSGI’s products, backed by a lifetime warranty.

Five different polymer models are being rolled out to cover any need from pistol to rifle magazines and more. The Poly Pistol TACO and the Poly MINI TACO for handgun magazines includes HSGI’s new Universal Clip that allows the user to mount the Poly TACO on MOLLE or a belt up to two inches. The pop-lock configuration orients any excess bungee down and out of the way. Designed with a flared top for easy insertion of magazines and has attachment points on the front for the addition of other pouches. The MINI TACO offers a shorter pouch for an easier grip on the magazines.

The Poly Rifle TACO and all of the new polymer TACOs function identically to their nylon counterparts, but now with the body and brackets made from a durable, flexible, proprietary polymer and laced together with bungee cord offering the familiar versatility HSGI customers count on with the TACO line. The opposite interior magazine catch channels enable a smooth insertion of both left and right facing AR-style magazines and flared tops enable easy reinsertion of magazines. The TACO’s polymer materials are water proof and built-in grommets allow for easy drainage on all the polymer models. Attachment points on the front of the TACO allow the user to modify and add other pouches.


The Poly X2R TACO is designed for any type of rifle magazine with a double decker feature that allows the user to carry two mags in a single pouch and only takes up three inches of horizontal space on the rifle platform. The Poly Double Decker™ TACO combines a rifle magazine pouch and pistol magazine pouch in one secure unit for an infinite variety of rifle and pistol magazines while only taking up three horizontal inches on the platform. Like the other polymer TACO’s, the Poly Double Decker TACO mounts to both MOLLE and belts up to two inches with the new universal HSGI clips.

The new Poly TACO line is HSGI’s lightest magazine carrier system, yet weighs under two ounces and comes in a variety of popular colors: Black, Coyote Brown, Olive Drab and Wolf Gray, all with color matched brackets. Every Poly TACO comes with the new Universal Clip for quick mounting on MOLLE or belt. MSRP starts at $23.00 to $52.00 and are available now at

Watch the HSGI video on how to convert your Poly TACO for belts:


10 Responses to “High Speed Gear Revolutionizes the Magazine Carrier Market Again – Introducing the Polymer TACO”

  1. Vic Toree says:

    Is it OK if we call them Crunchy or Hard Tacos even if HSGI doesn’t? Just feels better than Poly Taco for some reason…

  2. Gear Guy says:

    Looks like HSGI is conducting of a dick measuring contest with G-Code and Mean Gene Leather.

    • Geoff says:

      I was think the same thing. They revolutionized the market the same was G-Code already (and moved away from already).

      HSGI now just isn’t the same as it was when Gene ran the show. Used to be a couple pouches to fit everything. Now it’s item specific pouches galore. It’s just more stuff and little innovation.

    • Mark says:


      So now HSGI is copying G-Code’s copy of HSGI’s original design….?

      I feel dizzy.

      • General Derp says:

        Actually, the fact is G Code was the co-inventor and assisted Gene with the development of the “Taco” about eight years ago. So who is copying who?

        These shiny abominations of crunchy shiny tacos with their “drain holes” on a open sided pouches. Innovation alert. DERP con four….

  3. Surprising since the LT didn’t come out all that long ago, cheaper than the pricing on the original style as well. Definitely an interesting design for attachment, I look forward to seeing how well it actually interfaces with PALS and belts and how well these things play together when stacked side by side.

  4. Bgh says:

    Rifle and handgun mag seem to pull from the different sides. What do I know other then liking tacos….any size, any time…why hate….

  5. Frosty says:

    HSGI junk. No originality since Gene left. Way to come in second once again.

  6. EdW says:

    Very similar to what a french company has announced a few months back, still not released. Seems like the Fastmag-type is outdated by now. Their website :