USSOCOM Seeks Squad-Variable Powered Scopes

The Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Crane Division Purchases weapons and optics for USSOCOM. They released to procure a minimum of 32 Squad-Variable Powered Scopes (S-VPS). Ultimately, the contract could be worth up to $33.25 million.

Specifics of the requirement are limited to Registered and vetted users of fedbizopps.  However, we do know from briefings at this year’s NDIA Amaments conference, a little bit about this program.  This variable power optic is intended for use out to 600m. Additionally, we know from the solicitation that they are considering both first and second focal plane optics.  No word right now on which reticle is preferred.

Offerors will be required to provide 12 samples of either the First Focal Plane Scopes and Second Focal Plane Scopes, or both, at no cost to the government, as well as their proposals which are due Dec 08, 2017 2:00 pm Eastern.

They have an interesting acquisition strategy. The First Focal Plane Scope and other associated items will be 100% set-aside for small business, while the Second Focal Plane Scope and other associated gear will be full and open competition. The Government intends to award to the responsible offeror(s) whose offer constitutes the best value to the Government, considering technical, delivery, past performance, and price related factors.

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28 Responses to “USSOCOM Seeks Squad-Variable Powered Scopes”

  1. b_A says:

    I’m German, so I do almost always use meters.
    Can someone explain to me why sometimes in the US meters and sometimes yards are used in the context of firearms?

    • Benb says:

      This is for a military contract. The mil typically always uses meters. Yards are mostly used in the civilian world.

    • tommy hylton says:

      The Army and Navy use meters to integrate well into NATO. The Marines use traditional English measure in feet.

  2. The ACSS reticle is by far the best choice! It’s out performing the RCO and other reticles by 25%
    I designed it for fast CQB/UKD with wind hold off, leads for movers and based on m855,there is M855A1 version as well. Please contact me we will gladly open source it you at no charge.

    Dimitri Mikroulis
    ACSS systems

    • James says:

      I agree, best reticles out there!

      However,they are asking for a non-caliber-specific reticle, seems tailor made for the Trijicon mil based reticle. I know you have collaborated with them in the past, a mil based reticle with your ranging would be better than nothing. Hate to see the wind and drop holds go though.

    • Eddie H says:

      I get you’re proud of your product. Great, good for you.

      However, define “outperforming” the RCO. And how have you arrived at a figure of 25%?

      Let’s not just start throwing marketing bullshit and hyperbole around.

      • James says:

        Pick one up then comment. There are base models that are sub $400. Just much more intuitive ranging, wind holds, runner lead holds, while not being all cluttered up. It just adds a lot of functionality over the RCO.

      • James says:

        Brent0331 on YouTube has a great video on it vs the RCO though if you’re looking for just a rundown on how it works.

      • Dimitri Mikroulis says:

        ACSS was tested in Army National Guard UKD ranges.
        It’s simple math the RCO is ranging 19” the ACSS ranges 70”, the RCO has no hold off or leads. Hope this helps.

    • Matt says:

      A reticle made for a specific load is craptacular. No military professional would ever want that ACSS eched in their glass. That stuff is for weekenders who dont know shit about ballistics or are super lazy. There are so many reasons a BDC is a bad choice.
      You dont always get the same ammo DODIC.
      Barrel lengths vary from weapon to weapon.
      HOB for different weapon systems change too.
      Your BDC wont do much good for me if I am 10k above MSL.
      Trajectory changes within even same DODICs with different lots.
      You zero when its 100F and now you deploy the next day someplace freezing.

      Know your data, get a good ballistics app, then memorize your dope. Have A good reticle i.e. Tremor 3.

      • James says:

        That’s all well and good, but we’re talking about a 1-6/8x low power variable not a 3-12x Leupold. If we could send every 03?? out to Buck for a week a year , they would absolutely be more capable at range. But again we aren’t talking a 3-12x optic with an RMR or Dueck’s to back them up, but a low power stand alone.

      • Dimitri Mikroulis says:

        Matt bdc has been in service for the last 50 years on both sides. Your not milling anything using a LPVO

        • K9Kabookie says:

          The ACSS is a far superior reticle for close to mid range engagements with a combat rifle a than MIL optic. Zero at 300 and it works great with every load and barrel length. My newer ACOG sports one and boy, I sure wish I had that version overseas!

  3. Sorry forgot to mention we also have a Mk262 version

  4. What’s wrong with iron sights. I’ve used successfully out to 800m. Seems we’re getting away from traditional marksmanship and technology is making us optic dependant. Oh no!

    • Rick says:

      The real world is what is wrong with iron sights. If you cant positively ID a target you cant shoot it. Something irons do nothing to help with.


    • Matt says:

      Seems like you’ve been shooting Etype 40″ x 19″ targets. I have never seen a target present itself to me broadside and exposed for over a second. Secondly you cant PID weapons 800m out by eye. A 1-6x helps for PID and speedy target acquisition but in my experience a 3-18x with a 1o’clock RDS would be an optimal package for a warfighter in Afg. This SOCOM solicitation is a step in the right direction but a step too late. Think about 10 years from now when 6mm calibers will be the new norm for SOF soldiers. You will want a higher power optic.

      • K9Kabookie says:

        Matt…3-18x…wtf man? How dare you try and second guess the high speed operators! They know what want, they have good reasons for the spec. You would put a heavy sniper scope and rdo on an assault rifle? Never hiked up a mountain in full gear, have you bro?

    • Sean says:

      This grandpa…

  5. CA Frog says:

    SSGT Herrington, congrats on shooting out to 800m with Iron sights. We could also still use steam engines and muskets and probably get some bad guys. But, I think if we adopt a good optic to fit the external Land warfare type fighting we may take out more Muj than with irons.

  6. Dave says:

    Eotech vudu 1-6 FFP with a Mil reticle is an obvious contender here.

  7. Dc says:

    The kahles k16 is light and class leading clarity.

  8. Jeff S says:

    Isn’t the Vortex Razor HD Gen2 already fielded by some elements within SOCOM? I guess that’s why it’s in the ppt slide?

    The Trijicon Accupower 1-8 weighs the same… Though obviously not as light as some of the German 1-6s, I love my Accupower.

  9. JB says:

    Yes it is. And the Razor 1-6x beat out a pretty impressive field of contenders to get there.

  10. Tuukka says:

    I’d keep an eye out for Kahles and S&B as well..