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UF PRO – Limited-edition Striker BDU in MultiCam Black

UF PRO Striker XT BDU in MultiCam Black

Striker XT Gen.2 BDU’s made by innovative tactical clothing manufacturer UF PRO will be available for the first time in MultiCam Black beginning Saturday, Nov. 09, the company today announced.

However, UF PRO said it will sell MultiCam Black Striker XT Gen.2 BDUs only until current supplies run out.

The company indicated it has not publicly announced a timetable for making MultiCam Black Striker XT Gen.2 BDUs available again in the future, but is pledging to issue an email alert to notify prospective purchasers as soon as MultiCam Black Striker XT Gen.2 BDUs return to the market after the present quantity is exhausted.

To receive the email alert, visit the UF PRO MultiCam Black sign-up page.

MultiCam Black is the newest camouflage pattern in the Striker XT Gen.2 range.

Patterns introduced earlier this year were SloCam, 3-Farben Flectarn, and Frost Grey.

They were preceded by Brown-Grey, Coyote Brown, standard MultiCam and PenCottTM GreenZone.

With the exception of MultiCam Black, all Striker XT Gen.2 BDU camouflage colour patterns are available without limit, the company assured.

For more information about Striker XT Gen.2 BDUs, MultiCam Black, and other UF PRO tactical clothing items and lines, go to


One Response to “UF PRO – Limited-edition Striker BDU in MultiCam Black”

  1. Lawrence says:

    UF PRO also previously did a limited run of Striker XTs in PenCott-BadLands too. These were used by the Belgian Special Operations Group Pathfinders, among others.