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Milipol 17 – Meprolight

Although they were released earlier this year, this was the first time I had gotten my hands on Meprolight’s MicroTDS and FT Bullseye.


The MicroRDS is intended to allow a shooter to attach a red dot sight to his pistol by removing the rear sight and replacing it in the dovetail with the MicroRDS mounting ramp. The MicroRDS features a QD connector and can then be attached and removed with ease.


FT Bullseye


The FT Bullseye is a rear sight assembly which once again, fits into the dovetail cut of the slide. It’s a low profile design which is intended to allow the shooter to quickly aim without using a front sight. It features a tritium self-illuminated inlay in orange or green so the aiming dot can be seen in any light condition.




9 Responses to “Milipol 17 – Meprolight”

  1. Gerard says:

    FT Bullseye sight is absolute totally and complete BS, If someone Gave me one Id toss it into the trash

    • Mike says:

      We’ll let them know, thanks for your feedback. Sales will be halted as soon as we can contact all retailers and let them know that Gerard has unendorsed this product base on….reasons that are um….oddly capitalized and punctuated?

      • Paul J says:

        Because this sight don’t do its job. I’m pretty sure I can aim the same without any sights than with this piece of accessory.

      • Gerard says:

        I regret the improper capitalization and punctuation. But not what I said, sight based marksmenship requires a front sight.

  2. Derek seltzer says:

    Referencing the FT sight-
    Trust me when I advise you that this sight was well tested in the field by IDF Forces as well as certain US Special Operations Personnel before it was released.
    I advise you to buy one and try it before making assumptions.

    • Kaja says:

      So, how does it work? Something like non-see-through red dot?

    • Gerard says:

      Fair challange, I remain skeptical of the design but its not unreasonable to test it personally.

    • JOe says:

      OK… so they tried it you say. But did they liked it? 🙂
      I have a green one on my G27 and it does work as advertised up to 7m, max 15m on a good day… but then falls short for me beyond that distance. So I would say it’s sort of a spetialised tool?
      Can’t say it’s any faster and sure not as acurate as regular iron sights (Ameriglo Spaulding CAP sights).
      And nowhere near as good as RDS (RMR) in my opinion.
      But hey, I’m just a regular joe… 🙂