Lowa Zephyr Mk2 GTX

MATBOCK Monday – Gunner Station Pouch and Panel

The newest product in the MATBOCK collection comes directly from the operators. They needed a solution for a long standing problem that turret gunners have independently solved, but here is the MATBOCK solution. From helicopter door gunners, to SBT operators they have provided a great solution.


The Gunner Station Pouch and Panel are a great product for any mounted machine gun position. The panel easily secures to the platform frame or turret using 550 cord, allowing the gunner to customize their pouch with critical tools like pry-bar, lights, and CLP to name a few. Understanding that fixing a down machine gun on any platform is critical to a units survivability, we build in retractable lanyards giving the operator comfort in knowing their tools are safe to let go once the malfunction has been cleared.

Key Features:
Waterproof / durable Ghost Material construction
Quickly attach / detach the pouch from the panel with MATBOCK’s Tabs
Two saltwater resistant lanyards
Three options:

1) Gunner Station Pouch, includes 1 pouch
2) Gunner Station Pouch and 1 Panel
3) Gunner Station Pouch/Panel Kit, which includes 1 panel and 2 pouches






4 Responses to “MATBOCK Monday – Gunner Station Pouch and Panel”

  1. Chris says:

    The (Army) issued magazine bandoleer was always good for this use, and left-over claymore satchels weren’t bad either. I guess this is more purpose-built, and expensive….but if the unit is paying for it I can see the advantage of it.

  2. Looks like they put two of the heavy duty Hammerhead Gear Keepers on this.

  3. Che Guevara's Open Chest Wound says:

    Cool, now my gunner’s Rip It cans won’t clatter around the turret of the 1117.