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Patrick Vuong Now Freelance Editor/Author-at-Large

Patrick Vuong, former Editor-in-Chief of The Enthusiast Network’s RECOIL OFFGRID Magazine and Senior Editor of TEN’s flagship lifestyle publication RECOIL, has stepped out on his own.


RECOIL OFFGRID Issue 23 went on sale December 1. This will be the last issue with Vuong at the helm. As the Southern California-based journalist announced in his final letter from the editor, he has resigned his position to become a freelance writer and consultant, and to spend more time with his family.

Vuong, who holds instructor ranks in multiple fighting systems, including Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, will also now be able to devote more time teaching. He will be spending more time with students and also consulting on matters of edged and contact distance weapons and self-defense – though he says this does not mean he will be abandoning his journalistic career.

A lifelong journalist, Vuong left a Managing Editor’s billet for a previous publication to join RECOIL in mid 2012 as Senior Editor. Working directly under Editor-in-Chief Iain Harrison, Vuong helped grow the nascent magazine from a dark horse brand in a dying print market to the No. 1 best-selling firearms lifestyle book on newsstands. In late 2013, Vuong took on an additional assignment as editor of RECOIL OFFGRID, a spin-off publication that focuses on emergency preparedness and urban survival. Under his tenure, that brand climbed to become the No. 1 best-selling survival magazine on newsstands.

During his five years at the RECOIL Network, both RECOIL and RECOIL OFFGRID were awarded numerous industry acknowledgements, including several Maggie Awards. Vuong wrote and photographed feature articles, directed and co-hosted segments on RECOILtv.com, and helped edit two successful, successive publications: CONCEALMENT and CARNIVORE.

Though no longer a staff editor, Vuong will continue to contribute to RECOIL, RECOIL OFFGRID, their sister publications, publishing companies, and other media outlets.

Vuong can be contacted directly via e-mail, Patrick@fluidfighting.com. Follow him on Instagram, @calmbatives.


4 Responses to “Patrick Vuong Now Freelance Editor/Author-at-Large”

  1. Nate Murr says:

    Good for Patrick! I always enjoyed working with him at RECOIL and OFFGRID, The dude is a straight up word ninja, and an asset to any team he is on.

  2. Incredible talent and a strong advovate for the Tactical buyer. Pat writes so that all readers get a solid understanding of his subject.

  3. Freedomadmeanin says:

    I’ve never heard of this magazine. I wouldnt exactly consider myself a rock dweller… to prove it, did anyone else notice the magazine cover photo looks like a 5.11 product shoot?