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Coming 2018 – Cold WX SVX from Arc’teryx LEAF


The pinnacle of Arc’teryx design and innovation for extreme cold conditions, check the Cold WX SVX Jacket and Bib out at SHOT Show.


12 Responses to “Coming 2018 – Cold WX SVX from Arc’teryx LEAF”

  1. PPGMD says:

    Of course after I got the jacket…

  2. roy says:

    I have the Cold WX SV jacket and pants and they are truly an outstanding garments. They use Climashield.

    The SVX uses what insulation? The jacket in the picture looks puffy so I am guessing down insulation?

  3. St says:

    Yes. Down. And lots of it.

  4. Regular Guy says:

    My current down jacket/parka is at the end of it’s life. This will be just in time for me to spend almost $1k on another LEAF piece I probably don’t need, time to take out a line of credit.

    Seriously though, I’m addicted to Deadbird.

  5. BS says:

    Wasn’t Cold WX SVX already shown in 2017? I even have some pics of it.

  6. werelicht says:

    What country is it made in?

  7. carlos says:

    2800$ set (jacket and pants) more than twice as much as a custom down suit tailored for the everest, probably a new record in outdoor clothing prices

    • SSD says:

      Maybe a record, but the level of quality is unsurpassed. I’d also like to point out, for the umpteenth time that these we’re built for a government customer. The “government” doesn’t pay retail.