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POF-USA – Moves Into New Headquarters


Patriot Ordnance Factory has come a long way from its humble beginnings. In 2002, an aerospace engineer by the name of Frank Desomma started POF-USA in his garage, and has been making a name for themselves ever since. Their latest move was completed in late 2017 into a custom built 27,000 square foot, two story, freestanding building, nearly triple is size of their old headquarters. Plus, an array of solar panels has been installed to take advantage of the 299 days of sunshine Phoenix, AZ has to offer to help lower overall operating cost.

Patriot Ordnance Factory’s new manufacturing facility is complete with multiple test-firing ranges, training rooms, increased manufacturing capabilities, full-service pro shop, and more. The larger facility will allow POF-USA to expand its offerings, such as their new offerings of Glock® slides and .300 Blackout rifles, pistols, and upper receivers.


Regarding this move, Patriot Ordnance Factory CEO Frank Desomma said, “For us, a move into a facility of this size is just as much about our faith in our country’s citizens as it is in increasing our ability to deliver better product, more efficiently. A company’s facility doesn’t always mean much to its customers. However, our customers are different. They are red-blooded, fire-breathing patriots. They care about your country’s success, appreciate American made goods, and reap the benefits that freedom provides. To us, freedom provides the ability to innovate. To think freely, and differently, and to deliver the best product we can, without restrictions. In a time where hard work and self-reliance is laughed at instead of lauded, we’re proud that our customers trust their lives to our rifles. This new facility is dedicated to them, and all freedom loving Americans. We promise to use it to its full potential by delivering the only thing we know how… The Ultimate Fighting Machines.”


Their new address is 1492 West Victory Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85027


5 Responses to “POF-USA – Moves Into New Headquarters”

  1. redbeard says:

    Hey look, a warehouse.

    Sweet truck there, though -57 or 58 Chevy.

  2. Wells Sommer says:

    Congratulations frank, Cody and all the rest of POF; Job well done!


    Love you all!

  3. paul says:

    Welcome to Arizona!

  4. Jason says:

    Does this company have any ties to Pakistani Ordnance Factory?