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Arsenal Firearms USA To Become Archon Firearms

Las Vegas, Nevada – Arsenal Firearms U.S.A.–the Nevada-based manufacturer of innovative products such as the STRYK handgun–announced today that it is rebranding the organization to ARCHON FIREARMS (arK ahn) due to a potential trademark dispute. The company’s soon to be released pistol, the Stryk B, has been re-designated as the Archon Firearms Type B.

According to Archon Firearms CEO, Adrian Chavez, “Although we are confident in our legal right to the previous name, we’ve chosen to rebrand to avoid a potentially lengthy delay in the launch of our Type B pistol. Unfortunately, the rename does require manufacturing new slides with updated markings, as well as the reissue of an ATF-required marking variance, so some delay is inevitable and we now expect to launch in late Spring.

“We apologize for the frustration this may cause some of the tens of thousands of customers who have placed preorders through their dealers,” Chavez added. “We wouldn’t exist without their patronage and we are doing everything we can to expedite the process. Type B samples have been in final field validation for a month now with a select group of firearms trainers and competitors, and based on their unanimously positive feedback, we are confident the wait will be worth the inconvenience.”

About the Archon Firearms Type B Pistol
Developed in Italy, manufactured in the European Union, and designed specifically to fulfill the preferences and highest expectations of the U.S. market, the Type B represents a new class of compact, polymer grip, striker-fired handgun, and features an extremely low bore axis and unique recoil-reducing mechanical design boasting improved accuracy over conventional pistols. A number of features preferred by American shooters–which would typically require expensive customization–have been integrated into the Type B’s design.

About Archon Firearms
Archon Firearms is an innovation-driven firearms company based in Las Vegas, Nevada that is committed to providing apex shooting enthusiasts and U.S. warfighters and peacekeepers with high-performance products.


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3 Responses to “Arsenal Firearms USA To Become Archon Firearms”

  1. Some Crazy A**hole Montanan says:

    To correct the origins of the Strike-One/Stryk pistols:

    The Strike-One (Strizh) pistol was designed originally by Dimitry Streshinskiy (Russia) and Nicola Bandini (Italy). It was then tweaked by Salient Arms (USA) and re-branded the “Stryk.” The current ones (I believe) are being manufactured in Germany by a Swiss-owned machining firm.

    Talk about a multi-national effort.

  2. Herv Dorsey says:

    I am just getting into competitive shooting and Concealed Carry for both my wife and myself. I too late to the party to purchase and enjoy the Stryk 1. I really think that you have created an innovative product.

    Last year, I was VERY interested in both the StrykA and Stryk B. I was disappointed with the delayed release date; however I am glad to have seen several YouTube videos on the Type B.

    I have two questions and would greatly appreciate responses:

    Is the Stryk A / Type A still going to be produced ?

    Does the pistol use proprietary, Glock or Smith and Wesson magazines ?

    Thank you for your time and response.

  3. Emilio says:

    Just get my own Type B, one of the first delivered in France…
    I am fully satisfied and enjoy the fantastic gun !
    Thanks to Dimitri !