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MultiCam Announces Strategic Partnership with Flexfit

Top Hat Styles Now Available in Popular Camouflage Patterns

Brooklyn, NY – MultiCam®, a camouflage pattern designed for use in a wide range of conditions, has announced that it has partnered with, Flexfit®, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of custom, private label headwear, to offer their pattern on the company’s proprietary stretch fabric on their leading Flexfit® and Snapback styles, Original 6277MC, Snapback 6089MC, Retro Trucker 6606MC and Low Profile 6245MC.



Retro Trucker

Low Profile

The headwear company is known for their Flexfit® technology, which features polyurethane spandex woven into the sweatband and throughout the entire crown of the cap to provide a secure fit and unparalleled comfort. This all-purpose technology is the perfect blend of comfort and style, whether for sports or casual wear.

All four styles are now available in high volume custom overseas (720pc MOQ) or lower volume custom domestic embroidery (144pc MOQ) in MultiCam®, with MultiCam® Black becoming available Spring 2018.

“We are incredibly excited to announce this partnership with the team at Flexfit®, who have been amazing to work with,” stated Ernesto Rodriguez, MultiCam® Brand Manager. “Their professionalism, enthusiasm and attention to detail have not only exceeded our standards and expectations, but they continue to raise the bar in quality and service with each product that goes out the door.”

The four styles, and representatives from Flexfit® will be on hand at the MultiCam® booth (#32408) during the 2018 SHOT Show, in Las Vegas, NV, Jan 22-26.

For more information on customization and ordering, contact Flexfit® Sales Director, John Jung, [email protected].

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9 Responses to “MultiCam Announces Strategic Partnership with Flexfit”

  1. Roy says:

    The fabric covered button on the top of the cap is a mistake and kills any interest I have in the product.

    • will says:

      A pair of wire cutters solves this problem.

    • AbnMedOps says:

      Ditto. Wearing a headset will drill those damn buttons into your skull.

    • Dellis says:

      Yep, why do they target shooters and sports people with hats that have that top button? Even without hearing pro just a slight bump on the noggin is compounded by that button.

  2. Mark says:

    These look very nice, and I would be interested in a Multicam Black trucker style, but where are they manufactured?

  3. Stefan S. says:

    Will get some (flexfit). Then remove the button and slap on some pile tape.

  4. Caps like these have been on the market for ten years now… What’s new ?