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Introducing the SIG SAUER P365

In early December I was invited, along with several other writers, to New Hampshire’s SIG SAUER to check out a completely new pistol they planned to release in early 2018. Today, I get to share what I saw when they they sat us down for the big reveal. Meet the SIG P365.


The name explains the pistol’s intent, as a concealed, everyday carry sidearm. SIG refers to this 9mm as a High-Capacity Micro-Compact pistol.

365 Product-2

The basic stats are impressive; the P365 measures 1″ wide, 5.8″ long, and 4.3″ tall with a barrel length of 3.1″. It also weighs just 17.8 oz with an empty magazine. Now comes, the beauty part; the standard magazine capacity is 10 rounds.

365 Product on White-18

When they decided to develop this pistol, SIG looked at the three attributes of pistols intended for concealed carry; Concealability, Capability, and Capacity, evaluating what was already available in the market.




Here’s how the P365 stacks up compared to the footprint of other, similar pistols.


This graphic offers a size comparison between various compact pistols and the P365.


SIG invested two years to develop the P365, but all of that started with an initial six months working on the magazine. The engineers considered where they could make the biggest impact and decided capacity was key, so long as they could maintain in the other areas as well. Consequently, they started with the magazine. Essentially, designing the pistol around the magazine. It’s not a full double stack, nor a single stack, but rather something in between, a narrow neck. SIG has three patents pending for this new design which allows the P365 to be as narrow as it is.


The pistol comes with a 10 round flush magazine as well as a 10 round extended version. The 12 round extended magazine is available as an after market add-on accessory.

365 Product on White-49

I want to be very clear that this is not a repackaged P320, although you can see that they are related. As you can imagine, the internals are very similar to the P320, with a fire control unit which is serialized.

365 Product on White-46

The P365 frame offers a high grip to bore axis to reduce perceived recoil. The grip is fully-textured polymer with a slim-line rail. Additionally, the Nitron coated stainless-steel slide comes standard with front and rear serrations for slide manipulation, as well as SIGLITE night sights.

365 Product on White-61

Based on their experience with the P320, SIG developed an entirely new, enhanced drop test protocol for duty handguns. They dropped the P365, 574 times in 26 orientations as well as five drops at 6 feet on concrete.

For those of you are wondering if this new test protocol is going to be retroactive to older pistol models, it isn’t. However, any new models will be subjected to this protocol during development.


Additionally, they’ve put over 40,000 rounds through a P365 with no frame cracks.

Ron Cohen’s Remarks
SIG CEO Ron Cohen is very proud of his company’s R&D investment. He stated that they spend four to fives times as much of their competitors and as time has gone on they’ve begun to rely more heavily on analytical and modeling work, citing a recent teaming agreement with nearby MIT. He went on to say, “We built this pistol around our new, proprietary magazine for maximum concealability, capacity and shootability. The P365 is a pistol for professionals and civilians alike who want a smaller, high-performance pistol that does it all. This is the ultimate, everyday concealed carry pistol.”

365 Day 1-23

During his remarks, Ron Cohen also mentioned that the P365 could very well replace full size pistols in many agencies. The reason so many carry full sized, double stacked pistols, is so that they have access to more rounds. He might be on to something.

365 Day 1-37

As an interesting aside, the SIG marketing team gave us a look at how they plan to market the P365.

But Does It Shoot?
Over the course of two days, I was able to fire about 1000 rounds through the pistol. On the first day, we fired outdoors, at SIG Academy’s famous Area 51. When they had initially planned on holding the event, the weather was much milder. However, on that day, conditions were extremely cold.

365 Day 1-282

At one point, I checked the app on my phone and it said that it felt like 8 degrees.

365 Day 1-289

Although it was cold, the pistol was comfortable to shoot. One of the things that has always bothered me about compact pistols is that I don’t feel like I’m getting a proper grip. One of the things SIG has done with the P365 is that it has a more pronounced trigger undercut bringing the grip higher and offering more contact with the pistol. Even though it’s not as concealable, the 12 round magazine allowed a full grip for me, especially with gloves on, while the 10 round flush magazine felt like my pinky finger didn’t quite get full purchase. I like the third option, the 10 round extended magazine, a great compromise between grip, concealability and capacity.

365 Day 1-66

Unfortunately, with at least one round in every magazine on that first day, the pistol failed to completely go into battery. Initially, SIG employees told me I was limp wristing the pistol. As I was wearing gloves and it was very cold, I figured we’d see if that was actually the problem once we were inside on the second day. However, it turned out that all of the press, and a couple of SIG personnel shooting the pistol that day, experienced the same issue.

365 Day 1-69

I really appreciated the front and rear slide serrations as I was wearing gloves and worked out how to best manipulate the slide while loading the pistol and reducing malfunctions.

365 Day 1-215

That evening, they cleaned the weapons, stripped the lubricant and replaced it with Slip 2000. Although I asked which lubricant was used on that first day, oddly, no one seemed to know what was used.

365 Day 2-10

The second day was indoors where the writers participated in an abbreviated concealed carry course presented by the great instructors of SIG Academy.

365 Day 2-19

We began each scenario with dry fire and progressed to timed engagement of multiple targets, with new targets being revealed as the scenario progressed. In addition to restaurant situations, we also fired from and around a vehicle which was rolled into the range.

365 Day 2-74

The failure to go into battery issues went away. In fact, I had zero malfunctions and I fired three times as many rounds in the second day as the first. Based on this, I’d say that the lubricant used the first day was not appropriate for the environment. It’s an important issue which few consider until they are in that situation.

365 Product-23

Additionally, firing was all barehanded and the texturized grip felt great. It was aggressive enough that I wouldn’t want to change it, but not so much that it annoyingly chaffed. The controls were easy to manipulate except for the magazine release which required me to adjust my grip slightly.

As far as accessories go, the P365 has a slim-line rail. SIG has planned for a weapon light and laser which fit this rail, to be offered by SIG Optics. The light will be available sometime this Spring with the laser coming later in the year. SIG also has a Lima grip with its integrated laser, under development. Although the Lima grip is user swappable, SIG doesn’t want to refer to the P365 as modular. At least, not yet. It is however, user configurable. Interestingly, SIG informed me that they will offer a suppressor for the P365. Although they haven’t offered any additional details, I would imagine that it will require a threaded barrel.

365 Product-42

As it’s intended as a concealable pistol, you’re going to need a holster. While the P365 will fit several generic holsters, SIG has worked with Black Point to offer a fully ambIdextrous holster which can be configured for Inside the Waist Band or belt carry. They also offer a magazine pouch.

Overall Impressions
Although there were hiccups on the first day, I consider the P365 reliable, at least based on my limited interaction. Unfortunately, due to the range scenarios we had access to, I can make no determination regarding accuracy. The concealed carry phase concentrated on exposing us to a range of scenarios, but based on those scenarios, I feel that the biggest advantage of the the P365 was the ability to engage multiple targets, with multiple rounds, without reloading. No other pistol of this size offers that.

365 Product-47

I think the P365 is going to prove very popular. With the 12 round extended magazine, plus one up the pipe, you’ve got yourself a full capacity pistol in a package you can actually conceal. There’s no compromise, at least in caliber or capacity. It fires 9mm cartridges including +P rounds. I plan on purchasing one, as my first SIG handgun, once they are available.

According to SIG, the P365 has been in production for several months and should be available very soon. Their concern is keeping up with demand for a pistol that has broken the mould for a carry pistol, combining concealability with capacity.


Photos by Richard King Photography.


138 Responses to “Introducing the SIG SAUER P365”

  1. Keith says:

    Thanks for the write up. It looks like a solid option.

  2. Alex says:

    I may not be operator enough to understand why a higher bore axis is a selling point.
    Please enlighten me.

    • Patrick Bateman says:

      High grip to bore axis.

    • Bill Brandon says:

      It’s also called a low bore axis. The higher your hand grips the gun the less “flippy” it is. It lessens muzzle rise and keeps you on target better.

    • SSD says:

      I always appreciate the folks who read articles looking for something to complain about. Thanks for being that guy! I’ll mention you on my prayers tonite.

    • Xsquid says:

      First you need to understand what you read. Higher grip to bore axis means *LOWER* bore axis.

    • Joe says:

      I think the author means the grip is closer to the bore.

    • Carlo says:

      Grow up, if bore axis was as important as you and all the other internet experts say it is, the Steyr M9 would be the best selling handgun because of its low bore axis. (Yes, it is much lower than a Glock.)

      Sig has always had some of the best designs out there like the 226 with a high BA yet that doesn’t stop 40+ countries from using it.

      Felt recoil depends MORE on grip, stance, ergonomics, recoil system, and jsut how each gun handles recoil.

      • Bobo says:

        Except that Steyr doesn’t really advertise their guns, and they DO shoot much nicer then Glocks do. Even with that, they are (finally) getting more attention in the shooting world then they used to.

    • NaKwai says:

      A higher note axis allows the shooter to get a better grip on the gun because the hand sits higher naturally. This allows for more control over the pistol recoil.

      • MM2 says:

        Glock achieves nominally better claimed bore axis due to 2×4 grip angle. in realty the way the Sig has undercut the trigger guard here the grip and amount of hand/wrist/forearm strength behind the bore will be better for most shooters than the Glock.
        There is a reason why glock shooters do not achieve better results with the supposed advantage in bore axis, there are other factors at work.

        • MikeTexas says:

          No offense meant but the comments here resemble a bunch of ill-informed and “triggered” teens at the beach bitching about how “somehow sand slipped into their a$$es..” For the love of sweet mother of sweating Jesus, it’s just a PISTOL!” It’s used only to fight your way to your rifle or shotgun. Neither name nor nomenclature is relevant and the insults hurled are quite comical.

          Thanks for humoring my thoughts. Peace and out.

          • BUURGA says:

            If you are using a pistol for self defense IT DAMN WELL BETTER BE IMPORTANT TO YOU. It is the weapon you’re counting on; not some long gun that may or may not be available. No weapon is used to get to another, and anyone thinking that is setting themselves up for a beating. Nobody is forcing you to read these posts, so spare us the grief.

  3. Bill Brandon says:

    Oh man!! Can’t wait!! Sub-compact AND low bore axis is a win.

  4. Baldwin says:

    I’m not quite ready to utter the old biblical expression “Shut up and take my money.” However…this looks very interesting. Loving the clean lines, what appears to be properly shaped/sized grip, and innovative magazine shape. And being a huge fan of illumination actually attached to your weapon, I’m loving the rail on the dust cover. Unfortunately, I’m sure it will be a several of years before any weapon lights of useful brightness will become available. Still waiting for one properly sized for a 4″ barreled pistol (you know, one that doesn’t stick out like a 10 round shotgun magazine tube) much less one for a concealed carry sized pistol. Suburban/urban social work requires lumens! Anything less than 350-400 lumens just doesn’t cut it.

    • Dave says:

      4” Xds?

      • Baldwin says:

        My comment was aimed at pistol lights in general. As a rule, when you purchase enough lumens, they are too long for most standard 4″ barreled pistols, much less the shorter sub 3.5″ pistols intended for concealed carry making your short pistol extra long thereby defeating the purpose of an intentionally short pistol. I carry an extra bright hand held light but still need an attached weapon light. SIG appears to have another great pistol in the making, but if their proprietary light for it exceeds 100 lumens, I will be shocked…and disappointed.

        • Baldwin says:

          Oops, delete disappointed and insert surprised.

          • Mike says:

            Have you looked at the O-Light PL Mini?

            • Bobo says:

              Very nice light, rechargeable. bright, compact….Biggest problem is lack of holster support for it at the moment (though there are a few makers who support it)

              • Cary says:

                The rail is fits Sig only instruments. Their light is integrated into the grip, and is 100 lumens. Pretty darn cool I think.

    • tcba_joe says:

      The Streamlight TLR-7 was just “leaked”. Supposedly flush-fit on a G19 but with 500 lumens.

    • jayhawkg33k says:

      Try the olight pl-mini. Flush fit [to frame width, and below the barrel] and 400 lumens. It has been out since last shot show I believe … I love it, and it’s rechargeable.

  5. David says:

    Do they offer left handed holsters and magazine pouches?

    Smaller or larger grip modules?


    • SSD says:

      Like it says in the article, it’s an ambi Holster. Same with mag pouches. Flip ‘em around and put the fasteners on the other back.

      Also, the article mentions that it isn’t modular.

      • Justin Opinion says:

        I love it when a reader/viewer doesn’t bother to get past the title before posting questions. Might as well just publish the title and sit back and answer questions as they come in.

  6. Sean's says:

    Failing to go into battery was a issue I’ve seen with a lot of new P224s. Took a good bit of rounds but it went away. Im curious how many rounds you think you fired the first day SSD.

  7. Douglas Frazier says:

    I don’t see a lot of difference between this an my P320 subcompact which holds 15 with the mag extension…smaller I know but…maybe not at the price plus all the extras that add on…

    • Raymond Toper says:

      That’s what I’m wondering

    • r Scalzo says:

      Zero comparison. the new 365 is on the same lines, size wise as their 939 Significantly thinner.

    • The p320 subcompact is much wider than this gun is only 1 inch wide the p320 subcompact is as wide as the full size p320

      • ToddC says:

        You can’t say”zero” comparison. The P320 subcompact is the natural comparison especially if you own a P320. Is the p365 MUCH thinner? It’s 5/16ths thinner. Whether that’s a lot is really a matter of personal opinion. This pistol might sell a pile of subcompact x-change kits. I’m selling my Glock 26 and either buying a kit for my p320 or a p365. The kit lets me keep my trigger from the gun I shoot all the time and carry 17 round magazines. But the p365 is smaller. I’ll have to compare the two further before I make up my mind.

  8. ToddC says:

    How does the trigger compare to either the old P320 or the voluntarily upgraded trigger? SIG has a marketing deal with Lucas Oil. It doesn’t shock me that they didn’t know what lube product was on the test guns. I know SIG Academy each instructor uses his or her favorite and Slick2000 is among the favorites. The R&D department is at the Academy nestled among the gun ranges.

    • SSD says:

      I haven’t fired an upgraded P320 trigger. When it was cold, it seemed like the reset was way out there, but I was wearing gloves. On the second day, without gloves I liked the trigger a lot more.
      Unfortunately, I’ve become spoiled on Glock aftermarket triggers.

      • ToddC says:

        I shot my updated p320 tonight and put 20 rounds through my buddy’s Glock gen5 with an Apex trigger and a 3.5# bar. I like the SIG better. But if you said you liked the Glock I wouldn’t say you’re wrong. I shoot at a gun shop and the range officer is an instructor. I’m a solid intermediate level shooter, but this dude can shoot. He thought my trigger was custom. I’ve got about 700-800 rounds through it since the upgrade. My scale has it at 3.75 pounds average. Thanks for the info. This is by far the best article written about the P365 right now. Glad someone wrote warts and all. I’ll buy one but probably not until next year.

  9. Raider13 says:

    Congrats to AJ Koehler (formerly of SIG) what is this your 3rd or 4th cover?

  10. Hubb says:


  11. Marcus says:

    Probably the best, most trustworthy write up and personal testing I’ve seen in awhile bar none. Thank you SSD.

  12. Scott says:

    Do you know if there will be a version with a manual safety?

    • SSD says:

      They mentioned that there is one in the works but that it wouldn’t be available anytime soon due to the projected popularity of this model.

      • Dave says:

        So it looks like I’ll have to “settle” for a model w/o a manual safety and hope one with safety gets introduced later? Way to get two sales LOL

  13. Mpke says:

    Thank you for your timely and objective review…Much appreciated

  14. maresdesign says:

    Excellent review! Very Robust! 🙂

  15. Mike says:

    Thank you for your timely and objective review…Much appreciated

  16. Brian says:

    I just wanted to thank you for a straightforward, honest review, without any associated history lessons or the all too common “opinions or rumors become facts” mentioned or compared to ! I do appoligize, I don’t believe Im to familiar with your work?, but it’s quite apperent your more than qualified. I am surprised that you don’t or haven’t owned a Sig before, if I read that correctly? Again, Great to hear a real experience shared by a knowledgable source focusing on the positive attributes, with no novels written about what it “should” have been, or any of the all to common deveations sometimes gotten into that have nothing to do with the product at hand or realistic, current day topics and info. I CAN’T wait to get one in hand ! Appears to be a win, win ! ( I am admitadley a huge fan of Sig’s, however; A viable weapon is just that ! & I own and carry weapons from many others as well) Thank you again !

  17. Chris says:

    Any word on if a short reset will be eventually compatable with this? One of the things I liked about my 229 was the SRT. I ditched it to stick with striker fired guns, but this looks promising.

    • Reece says:

      Its striker fired the Short Reset Kits are only compatible with Sig hammer fired offerings. These striker fired weapons already have a reset close to if not shorter than Sigs hammer guns with the SRT kits.

    • r Scalzo says:

      The SRT is a Classic line feature.

  18. Scott says:

    I like what I see. This may end up as my next pistol. I love my P225, but this has more capacity, and is sized better for carry. It’s also, coincidentally, exactly 365 grams lighter than my P225.

  19. John Thomas says:

    For all the hullabaloo about the dimensions and magazine capacity in the write-up, I notice they don’t compare it to the Kel-Tec P-11; the gun that practically invented the micro hi-cap 9mm market way back in 1995.

    The Kel-Tec is the same size or less than the SIG in every dimension, weighs less, and holds 12 rounds in a flush fit magazine. That magazine is a plain old double column too- I’m not sure what necessitates the funky one on the SIG.

    Yes, the P-11 is hammer fired (which used to be considered a plus; IDK when/why striker fired became preferred), DAO with a long pull, and not made to anywhere near the same quality as a SIG, but it’s worth noting that all the things touted about being better than the competition have existed in another pistol for over 20 years.

    • Michael CrwChf says:

      In a Kel-Tec

      • John Thomas says:

        Yes, of course, and their QC problems are well known. There’s nothing wrong with the designs though, otherwise Ruger wouldn’t have cloned them to make the LCP and LC9- which I think are generally regarded as fine pistols.

        My point is that SIG’s slides posted above say “our gun is better because it’s smaller, lighter, and holds more rounds” and that’s simply not the case.

    • SSD says:

      Sounds like you’ve found your dream gun.

      • John Thomas says:

        No need for snark. I didn’t write the ad copy above that leans so heavily on the fact that this firearm is smaller, lighter, and holds more rounds than its competitors.

        It’s fair to expect some pushback if you tell people it took you six months to design an innovative magazine and use the phrase “10+1 SERIOUSLY” in your ad, when there’s a 20 year old pistol in the same caliber with almost the exact same dimensions that holds 12 rounds with a plain old double column mag.

        Everyone knows that SIG’s manufacturing quality is orders of magnitude better than Kel-Tec, which is reason enough to call this this a better gun. It also undoubtedly has a better trigger and a longer service life. Plus it’s striker fired and has an accessory rail if those are your things.

      • Jon wayne says:

        Way to deflect perfectly valid points, champ.

        • SSD says:

          What’s valid there sport? This article is about the SIG pistol. He, on the other hand, loves lamp. I actually prefer Glocks. Somehow, I was able to not discuss them in the article.

          Mr K-tel’s points are great, but have zero to do with the SIG pistol. If it were the wonder weapon he says it is, everyone would be carrying it

          • John Thomas says:

            SIG’s entire marketing angle in the slides above is that their pistol is “more capable,” “more concealable,” and has “more capacity” than competitors. I count 5 slides that directly reference the “industry average” or competitors by name. So, they are the ones that made it all about comparisons. Besides, who writes about new products in a vacuum anyway? People want to hear how it stacks up to existing offerings and competitors.

            I never said the P-11 was my “dream gun” or a “wonder weapon.” Those are your words and are obvious attempts to create a straw man argument. It is what it is: a gun that is very similar in capability to this new pistol at a significantly lower price, but with a spotty QC reputation. There’s assuredly room for both in the consumer market.

            I appreciate the information on your site, but have noticed that you seem to “turn the mic to 11” when interacting with any poster that you don’t think agrees with you. So be it; it’s your playground.

            • SSD says:

              It exists…great. I acknowledged that more than once. It sounds interesting, but it’s not the focus of this article. That’s the point you don’t seem to be getting.

              • John Thomas says:

                Your words:
                “I feel that the biggest advantage of the the (sic) P365 was the ability to engage multiple targets, with multiple rounds, without reloading. NO OTHER PISTOL OF THIS SIZE OFFERS THAT.” (Emphasis mine)

                “Their concern is keeping up with demand for a pistol that has BROKEN THE MOULD (sic) FOR A CARRY PISTOL, COMBINING CONCEALABILITY WITH CAPACITY.” (Emphasis mine)

                When you make a statement of fact like that, pointed out that is incorrect is absolutely relevant to the matter at hand. It’s not about the merits of the Kel-Tec, it’s about the error (or misrepresentation?) in your article. That’s the point YOU don’t seem to be getting.

                Had you simply said: “Good point on the Kel-Tec, but I think the SIG stands alone because…,” that would have been the end of it, but you jumped straight to snarky comments and belittling one-upsmanship.

                Now, I know you will need to get the last word in, so this is my last comment on the matter, but you can reply as condescendingly or snide as you choose.

                • SSD says:

                  Yes, a gun no one uses, exists. You win the Internet today. Be sure to go everywhere on the internet and tell them that this gun no one has ever heard of, does everything this pistol does.

                • Dan says:

                  Silly me, I thought we were talking about guns in the same league not just the same size. What’s next, are we going to start talking about Jimenez, db9, and cobra too?

                  • James says:

                    Your right, there is more than enough room for both pistols in the consumer market. However, most well practiced individuals that want to discretely carry a tool such as this do so with the thought process that it may possibly save lives one day, including their own. With that in mind, they want to carry one that has full-size functionality, best conceal-ability possible without destroying shoot-ability, from a company with a Top Notch QC record. I feel confident in saying that there would be far fewer people, of the ones like mentioned above at least, that would be willing to purposely bet their lives on a Kel-Tec P-11, than a pistol from a company such as Sig.

                    As to your statement that they’re “similar in capabilities”, similar size and magazine capacity does not make two pistols comparable on a capabilities spectrum. The Kel-Tecs lower price directly correlates to it being a lesser pistol in every way from a performance standpoint than the Sig.

    • I had a kel-tec p-11 easy to conceal terrible trigger numerous failures to eject and accuracy past 7 yards such as 10 or 15 yards good luck I’d be willing to bet that this little sig would be fairly accurate to 15 yards my shield and pt111 g2 are able to hit a 12 inch circle at 15 yards free hand

  20. Vijaya Tensei says:

    Thank you for a very cleanly presented, informative review! It is certainly the best information I was able to find on this pistol at this early date. I own a number of slim (single-stack) nines, for those times when I must keep profile to a minimum. None of them are perfect for me, including the P320 subcompact (just a bit too thick) … this may be the one. Keep up the great work!

  21. Edward says:

    During cleaning, did you happen to find out if the trigger mechanism was removable and serial numbered like the P320?

    Thank you for the review.


  22. Fernando says:

    Great write up. The wrong lube and cold weather can definitely cause the kind of issue you encountered on day one.

  23. Orangutan says:

    I want this in .357 sig. I don’t care if it’ll hurt.

  24. Ken Baker says:

    Excellent, thorough review. Did you like the trigger? How did it compare to the “aftermarket Glock triggers” that you stated you have become accustomed to? How did the P365 trigger compare to the newer p320’s SRT triggers?

    Thanks for the review.

  25. Finn says:

    A gun that doesn’t go bang is just a club. How can you use the word “hiccup” when the product clearly “failed” repeatedly on the first day?! The fanboy phraseology calls your objectivity into question. “Seriously.”

    • SSD says:

      Well, use the wrong lube on any firearm in the extreme cold and it won’t run. I guess by your definition, all modern firearms are clubs.

      I call into question your basic intelligence.

      • Finn says:

        First, you have no clue whether it was just the lube. Sig has SERIOUS money on the line with the introduction of this gun. They are NOT going to admit to any bugs in their design at this point. For all you know, they did some serious gunsmithing on those things throughout the night, or even changed out the guns completely.

        I used to live in Minnesota–I have experienced cold that you haven’t even seen in movies. Getting an auto to function in the cold is the farthest thing from a secret there is. Why didn’t Sig say what lube supposedly caused their gun to gum up? Why didn’t you go shoot outside again just to demonstrate that it was, in fact, the bad lube? Again, your rabid defense of the new Sig demonstrates your lack of objectivity–you’ve decided to promote it even if it gets somebody killed. Let me repeat: A gun that won’t fire, is just a club. If you’re happy promoting one, that is your choice. Questioning my “basic intelligence” is just you being sour about hurt feelers.

        I’m sure you felt honored to be part of Sig’s promotion, but seriously, don’t sell your soul just because is made you feel special. “Seriously.”

        • Reece says:

          I went to the range last week, it was -20 degrees here (we had temps in that range without windchill for a nearly a week). Several of my firearms had issues with slow return to battery (Sigs, Glocks, BCMs, Colts etc) when wiped down and the appropriate lubricant applied they all ran fine. So yes lubrication can be a major issue. In this instance there is no lack of objectivity. He reported the facts and gave no bias in the reporting of those facts. If sig went and modified or replaced the guns overnight as you mention then that is Sigs lack of integrity NOT SSDs. These are likely pre-production guns are even if they are production models this is a very small sample size to determine the reliability of the gun.

        • SSD says:

          The only person I see with an integrity issue here is you. You started by saying ridiculous things, accused me of lying and now you’ve suggested that SIG modified the firearms. Do you have any actual evidence of this?

          From here on out, you’ll need to comment with your actual name since you’ve made ethics accusations against me, as well as SIG.

          Next time you comment, use your actual name and in the comments section say that you previously commented as Finnman.

          • Guys take it easy no gun is ready for concealed carry until at least 300-400 rounds or more through it regardless of cost or manufacture and cleaned well and lubed and any issues worked out double taps rapid fire right and left handed drills with no failures regardless of situation you must lock your wrist with hand holding gun for it to operate properly

        • Finn’s Cancerous Spleen says:

          You’re brand new here, aren’t you? I come a couple of times a week because Eric runs a clean shop. He’s not the guy you are painting him to be. You seem upset because he didn’t bash the pistol. Instead, he shared his experience. He told us good and bad things. On the end, it’s up to us to make up our own minds. I much prefer that over a press release or a paid review.

          You on the other hand, make ridiculous claims and want to do it anonymously. I think Eric, as well as the rest of us, have a right to know who you are as well as your credentials so that we may put your comments into perspective.

        • SSD says:

          Use your FULL NAME. You’ve never commented here before. No one knows you. You’ve made accusations which aren’t true. I deserve to put a name to the guy who just came here to bash me. I mean, I already know where you live.

        • wake says:

          I went to the range in 13f degree weather and had trouble with three previously reliable pistols. I was pretty surprised actually, I’ve read a lot and not seen this come up as an issue. My CZ ran fine

  26. Daniel S. says:

    I’m not a big fan of the proprietary rail, but if the Sig accessories are bullet proof then I don’t see a problem. I can’t wait to shoot one.

  27. Jeff S says:

    Very interested to see what IOP pricing will be…

  28. Huey says:

    I’ve had pretty good luck with my pt111,
    11+1 and probably 1/2 the price.
    Carry an extra mag and all I have to do is make it to my truck…

    • I’ve got a pt111 g2 it’s the perfect size for concealed carry shoots well for intended use to 15 yards after owning this gun and shooting and carrying it just amazed me that no other well respected firearm company makes a double stack 9mm the size of the pt111 g2 until now the price of this sig p365 is a bit steep l know its a sig if prices go below 500 dollars with a good reliable track record it would sell like crazy my opinion l think sig hit a home run with this one for the concealed carry market l see sig p320s of all sizes at 499 dollars at many places this gun should not sell for more S/W shields don’t cost more than a full sizes M&P

  29. Gerard says:

    Ive fired Sig pistols in 9mm & 380 but dont own any. This was a great review. I plan to eventually buy a P365 sometime in 2018

  30. Doug in Post Falls says:

    Is the magazine release reversible or ambidextrous?

  31. Shawn says:

    Wish SIG would release a hammer fired version. But since they’ve discontinued the 250 (except for .22), that’s probably a pipe dream. Call me old school but I do not feel confident carrying a concealed striker fired pistol – especially appendix.

    • Dr.AllenMcPeake says:

      I’m fine carrying a striker fire pointed at my “junk”, but after the history of the P320, I would be testing the 365 with a rubber mallet before pointing it southward.

  32. coy says:

    Hell will be freezing when someone releases a subcompact pistol with an ambi slide release or at least a reversible one.

  33. Brian w says:

    How does this compare to a hk vp9sk?

  34. Joe Sigmon says:

    Damn, and I just bought extra magazines for my P290rs! Thanks a lot Sig, there goes my tax refund.

  35. GM says:

    I’m no Billy Badass super operator but if someone had told me that their gun was failing to go in to battery because I was limp-wristing it, I would have told them to go f-off.

    The title of this review would have been “Sig releases new handgun so poorly tuned even trained professionals can’t shoot it correctly.”

    Having said that, it probably was the lube.

    • SSD says:

      Saying that is the easy button. Then, everyone had the same issue.

    • After cleaning gun in mineral spirits with automatic transmission fluid about 6 ounces to a gallon of mineral spirits I always use mothers mag wheel polish on a q-tip and rub the hell out of slide rails until smooth to the touch then use Hilo-lube which is a cleaner and a very light oil have had very good luck with all guns doing this and noticed a much smoother cycling gun l live in Florida so sub 0 weather is not a problem l do know it doesn’t take much dirt grit metal shavings to stop a semi automatic hand gun to not cycle right and any grease or heavy oil in sub 0 temps is not going to help all guns are more reliable after 300-400 round through it will not carry any firearm regardless of cost or manufacture until then

  36. Will Rodriguez says:

    Amy discussion of mounting an RMR style optic?

  37. Mr HH says:

    So how was the trigger? There has been huge improvements in striker fired triggers in the last year. ie: CZ P-10C, and others. Hell, even the LCPII has been vastly improved in the trigger department.
    I’m liking everything else about this pistol but if it’s another staple gun 9lb trigger, I’ll pass. I’d also likely wait for some type of safety mechanism before buying. If they offer a safety option, a decent trigger, and a SAS version, I’ll be buying one.

  38. Bob Floyd says:

    Well, I enjoyed the article and will consider buying one regardless of who says what since everyone is entitled to their opinion. The P320 is my first Sig Striker and it will not be the last. Their 1911’s are just fine also…

  39. MichaelCrwChf says:

    Well, that was fun!

  40. Spence says:

    what is this..? a gun for ants?

  41. Frenchman says:

    Not to pee in you Cheerios, but if that $599 price mentioned earlier is accurate, I’d have to say that’s a lot of dough for a micro. You can get an AR for less. G43, shield and LC9 are significantly less pricey. But then, when have SIGs ever been cheap? Also, I don’t see too many aftermarket companies making those magazines in the future. But I’m sure it’ll sell well, and SIG has a winner here. I like my da/sa SIGs, and would’ve loved to see this pistol be 2022 based instead of the 320, but I’m sure nobody else does.

    • Mike A says:

      Always remember SIGs include night sights, so more like $499 equiv. And SigLites are nice and bright with a rackable rear. A little Sharpie tuning on the rears and I dig ’em.

      SSD, did you get a chance to inspect the lube while it was still cold? Live-fire FTRTBs are concerning on a pistol even with thickened lube. I can understand a slowed cycle, but was that shit like beeswax when cold or what? Sounds like the recoil spring is a bit light. I use 147gr +P so I like a stout spring anyway, and I like that my G43 will return to battery with a full mag and chamber when pushed to unlock unless pointed straight up.

      I’m really stoked on the P365’s transverse sprung extractor style and finally properly placed slide release. Looks like it has a very generic FCG and striker block which I find reassuring after that goofball P320 system. Looks like it possibly doesn’t have a weep hole for the striker channel, which is disappointing.

      With a fully cocked design incompatible with a Striker Control Device and no trigger tab, I’m looking forward to a thumb safety version for appendix carry.

      They should offer a slim 15 or 17 rd mag with nothing but a textured frontstrap bonded on strictly for a reload since it’s a unique design without full-size reloads.

  42. JLItnns says:

    Will this gun have ambidextrious mag release for us lefties?

    • albo says:

      Did you get an answer to your question elsewhere? I’d really like to know if it’s ambidextrous also. It’ll be my first pistol and I want to make the right choice, but I’m not as knowledgeable as everyone else here on this site. Thanks.

  43. Joe LaCava says:

    Please advise on what trigger pull measurements have been recorded for the first pull and again for subsequent pulls until the may is empty….I’m sold on all features except these unknown pulls……Thanks ? Joe

  44. Cruz says:

    * Dear Sig, you almost had me sold but it don’t come with a threaded barrel so I’ll put it on hold and watch some reviews. With that said I will say what I would like to see from Sig. As fast as manufacturers are changing and adding new items specs and guns to their lineups you already see guns with color options grip options sight options I would like to see Sig have a standard with a little check list where it would be like Sig build your own gun it gets the customer more involved. List your standard model and then have six or seven options the customer can design their own sites that sights or Fiber Optic a box for additional magazines or butt plates even color it’s like a Ford we’ve moved on you can get one in any color you want other than black now. And of course it doesn’t cost the manufacturer that much more to thread a barrel give the customer a threaded barrel option for a mild up charge so that later they don’t have to have two barrels laying around at full charge with one that will never be used same goes with sites excetera it gets the customer more involved they feel more comfortable when they have a little more input it may sound like that’s asking a lot but I see that coming very soon in the gun industry. Also you have to keep the price competitive I’ve rambled enough thanks for the moment to express our concerns keep producing find products until next time enjoy. PS if there’s any words in this letter slightly incorrect I’m speaking through Google and this is a mobile site kind of hard to edit just try to read between the lines

  45. Bill says:

    I would just like to know when I can put my hands on one . I have a sig p2022 and its the best feeling hand gun I’ve ever had in my hands love it . Now I’m ready to own my next Sig Sauer pistols P320 subcompact and the p365 . In me Glock has nothing on the Sig Sauer at any size . Pure Quality !

  46. Tim Maguire says:

    Sportsman guide is pre selling it for $540 w 2 boxes of ammo

  47. Finn says:

    Well, I guess I was right–it wasn’t the lube. Sig has stopped shipping the P365 due to reliability issues, especially its failure to return to battery. http://sigtalk.com/p250-p320-p365-p320-x-5-pistols/271490-sig-tweaking-p365-design.html . A month ago I tried to point out that it isn’t difficult to get a gun to run in cold weather, and that there was something fishy about the gun’s failures at its “big reveal.” Now Sig is “tweaking” the design (which means they are going back to the drawing board to redesign a pistol after it went to production.) Good guns run good all the time. Take care.

  48. Neal says:

    Nice gun write up. If you need a place to get some great p365 holsters you should check out Clinger Holsters.