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CodeMettle’s NSO Product Receives DoD JITC Certification

Atlanta, GA – January 9, 2018 – CodeMettle, LLC an internationally recognized leader in Advanced Data Management, is proud to announce that the DoD’s Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) has certified their Network Service Orchestrator (now branded as ConOptic), the centralized software that manages complex, hybrid, multivendor physical and virtual infrastructure as part of their Approved Product Listing (APL).

JITC, part of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), conducts the highest level of Information Assurance (IA), Interoperability (IO) and Cybersecurity (CS) testing for systems developed to operate within the DoD. These certifications are generally accepted as the gold standard for all mission critical applications in the public sector.

CodeMettle’s ConOptic framework is one of the world’s most innovative and flexible solutions. This type of data management platform automates the process of planning, setting up, and executing a mission across complex hybrid networks comprised of IP, SatCom, Radios, and more; tracking the mission events throughout mission lifecycle providing for comprehensive reporting and future analysis.

Advanced Data Management is a paradigm that supports service providers in arranging, coordinating, and managing computing and network infrastructure resources as a system of components and automated workflows that can be delivered as services to their users/customers. CodeMettle provides the COTS centralized software that simplifies the operation of complex networks, necessary in a high security situation, common within the DoD.

“CodeMettle NSO is the only data management and network orchestration software on the DISA APL making it a uniquely qualified for a multitude of defense and intelligence applications,” stated Richard Graham, CEO of CodeMettle. “As a secure commercial software, CodeMettle NSO is an excellent solution to helping with the DoD’s goal of reducing the number of applications and the greater use of COTS products across the network. CodeMettle powers the One Network concept.”


3 Responses to “CodeMettle’s NSO Product Receives DoD JITC Certification”

  1. AGI says:

    Yet another unintelligible press release filled with “DoD speak” gibberish for internal comprehension only. Get out the acronym dictionary….

  2. minn-kota says:

    If you don’t understand it, you probably aren’t the market for it.

    This is the First Commandment of SSD.

    • AGI says:

      Yes, I’m quite sure that average SSD readers are CodeMettle NSO’s target market who are happy that JITC has certified ConOptic as part of their APL and that DISA did the DoD IA, IO, and CS testing. My bad for not being one of their many many customers on here and not understanding this so very clear press release. Thanks for setting me straight.