Primary Arms Compact PLx-1-8x24mm FFP Rifle Scope - Illuminated ACSS Raptor M8 Yard 5.56 / .308 Reticle

Sneak Peek – PlateFrame Modular from S&S Precision

The most comfortable plate carrier system ever developed, the PlateFrame Modular (PF-M) is available exclusively to Military and Law Enforcement.

Call the S&S Precision sales team at +1 757-453-6695 to schedule a private viewing at SHOT Show 2018 – Booth #30302.


7 Responses to “Sneak Peek – PlateFrame Modular from S&S Precision”

  1. tcba_joe says:

    So… is this the same as the Gen 2 plateframe from a while back that was never released?

    No picture, no info, just “mil/LE only”. Super awesome sales campaign.

  2. Who? says:

    What ever happened to the gloves that were supposed to be released on December 1?

  3. Anthony V says:

    Totally unrelated but they need to drop a full size shiv