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Atlas Gunworks Releases the Titan Operator Pistol


North Ferrisburgh, VT – Atlas Gunworks has released the Titan Operator 9mm pistol for duty and self-defense. It’s based on the popular Titan competition pistol and is the newest pistol in Atlas’ growing lineup.


Atlas understands that competition guns aren’t the best choice for military, law enforcement or self-defense. So, when the tactical team at a west coast sheriff’s department requested 9mm Titans for duty, the Titan Operator was born. Atlas starts with a full-custom 2011 Titan in fit and finish and adds features for the tactical user. Features include a DLC coated, tri-topped and lightened slide, 5” KKM bull barrel, PT aluminum grip, 19 + 1 capacity, tactical rear sight and a railed frame.


Pistols for duty and self-defense require an extra measure of reliability. It must run in extreme conditions with many different types of ammunition. To achieve this, Atlas installs heavy duty springs to ensure reliable cycling and primer ignition. The trigger pull is also set to be slightly heavier than their competition guns, coming in at 3.0 to 3.5 pounds.

Staying true to their commitment to short wait times, the Atlas Gunworks Titan Operator ships in less than 3 months. For more information visit atlasgunworks.com or call 855-940-1911.


6 Responses to “Atlas Gunworks Releases the Titan Operator Pistol”

  1. Anthony says:

    At $4k a pop that unknown west coast team must have a serious budget. No way my team could swing half that price per unit. Must be nice lol.

  2. Mike says:

    There have been a few ripoff complaints/warnings from a couple USPSA shooters that dropped $5,000+ for full house custom guns that didn’t run well and weren’t supported by Atlas afterwards (poor customer support and unwilling to repair or replace with charging $$$)… I’d be VERY cautious about purchasing from them.

    On top of that, Adam of Atlas Gunworks appears to be an unstable individual with a tendency to pull knives out on people and threaten them:


    • Casey Ryan says:

      Atlas has one of the best reputations for a custom gunmaker company in the industry. Adam himself, like many of the “top” gunsmiths, has been known to be involved with drama, but as for support, I’d argue nobody besides SVI has customer service that tops Atlas. Not to mention, he is not the only smith there. I’d have no reservations purchasing from them.

  3. Derrick says:

    I’ve dealt with Adam on several different occasions. He always tool the time out to answer all of my questions. He even give me a deal on some magazines. I live my 2011 Titan and wish I had enough more to buy the new Nemesis.

    Never believe rumors about companies. They have a Facebook page where they are giving away gunsmithing tips. How many other customs companies are doing that. Call them, you will see how great they are!!!

  4. Frank Petronio says:

    I’ve known Adam for a while now and own some of his guns. The guy is utterly reliable and trustworthy, a real asset to the community. So a cabbie made an unverifiable claim… so what? And he’s innocent until proven guilty. It’s more likely the cabbie is lying.

    Sounds to me like the gossiping poster up above works for a competitor. Adam fixes a lot of their mistakes. I highly doubt the guy wouldn’t warranty his work unless the customer does something stupid… it’s too small a community.

  5. Caleb says:

    Mike is most likely butt hurt bc he couldn’t afford an atlas and had to settle for an STI. I own 3 atlas guns (Titan , custom limited and chaos) and all three run phenomenally. I also know many other shooters who own Atlas guns and not a single one has regretted it or had issues with the company. Furthermore Atlas has the best customer service of any gun company I have dealt with BY FAR.