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Atlas Gunworks Announces the Nemesis Pistol

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

North Ferrisburgh, VT – Atlas Gunworks has announced the ultimate competition pistol designed for USPSA Limited Division shooters. The Nemesis double-stack .40 caliber pistol provides shooters with a distinct advantage over those using traditional guns.


The Nemesis’ unique feature is a fixed front sight block. This block delivers the benefits of a shorter lightened slide, less reciprocating mass, improved balance point, additional weight at the end of the barrel, and a front sight that doesn’t move with the slide. “The Nemesis truly is an amazing pistol for Limited shooters. Recoil is softer and flatter than traditional guns allowing the gun to return to true zero. The sight system allows for faster shooting and follow up shots that are always closer to true zero,” said Atlas President Adam Nislon.


The Nemesis shares the features of other Atlas guns including a tri-top and lightened slide, PT EVO grip, X-Line Vario trigger, KKM 5” bull barrel, flared ejection port and competition magwells. A super-hard DLC coating is standard.


Staying true to their commitment to short wait times, the Atlas Gunworks Nemesis ships in less than 3 months. For more information visit atlasgunworks.com/atlas-nemesis-sight-blockor call 855-940-1911.

Atlas Gunworks Releases a Complete Line of Magwells

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

North Ferrisburgh, VT – Atlas Gunworks has released an entirely new line of performance magwells. Designed for fast and consistent reloads, five styles are currently available to fit PT EVO or standard double stack grips and come in bead blasted satin silver or black nitride.


AGW Aluminum

AGW Stainless Steel

AGW Large Hands Aluminum

AGW Large Hands Stainless Steel

AGW Tactical Aluminum

Atlas Stainless Steel magwells provide added weight to soften recoil and shoot smoothly. Large Hands models feature a milled-out step design to comfortably fit large to extra-large hands. Aluminum models feature the same large opening for fast reloads without the added weight of steel.

Atlas Gunworks magwells will come standard on all AGW pistols and are available individually starting at $89 at atlasgunworks.com.

Atlas Gunworks Releases the Titan Operator Pistol

Thursday, January 18th, 2018


North Ferrisburgh, VT – Atlas Gunworks has released the Titan Operator 9mm pistol for duty and self-defense. It’s based on the popular Titan competition pistol and is the newest pistol in Atlas’ growing lineup.


Atlas understands that competition guns aren’t the best choice for military, law enforcement or self-defense. So, when the tactical team at a west coast sheriff’s department requested 9mm Titans for duty, the Titan Operator was born. Atlas starts with a full-custom 2011 Titan in fit and finish and adds features for the tactical user. Features include a DLC coated, tri-topped and lightened slide, 5” KKM bull barrel, PT aluminum grip, 19 + 1 capacity, tactical rear sight and a railed frame.


Pistols for duty and self-defense require an extra measure of reliability. It must run in extreme conditions with many different types of ammunition. To achieve this, Atlas installs heavy duty springs to ensure reliable cycling and primer ignition. The trigger pull is also set to be slightly heavier than their competition guns, coming in at 3.0 to 3.5 pounds.

Staying true to their commitment to short wait times, the Atlas Gunworks Titan Operator ships in less than 3 months. For more information visit atlasgunworks.com or call 855-940-1911.