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Introducing Atlas Standard

Nestled just down the row from Crye Precision at this year’s SHOT Show is a booth with no windows and a plain, single door. Few are even allowed entry. When I stepped through the door, a scene out of the hit spy movie “Kingsman” played out before my eyes.

It was as if I had entered the Accessory Room, where new agents are outfitted. Every wall showcased weapons, clothing, and equipment.


What made this unlike the movie, is that it was real. I was the first person at SHOT Show to preview Atlas Standard.


Atlas Standard is the brainchild of Crye Precision founders Caleb Crye and Greg Thompson who have worked for the past couple of years to create a travel clothing line that rivals the combat gear they had developed for CP.


Atlas Standard is a full range which includes trousers, shirts, and jackets, with each component designed to move with the wearer and work in concert with the other pieces.


Atlas Standard doesn’t just look great, it also has some special features. Caleb opened a field jacket and showed me a panel which accepts items you don’t want others to see. That could be quite a few different things. It’s travel clothing after all. What you do in it while traveling, is entirely up to you.


He went on to tell me that the line takes design cues from European clothing to help Americans keep a low profile during international journeys.


In addition to a pouch suite which interfaces with the clothing, there are several belt options. I was told, you’ll be able to get the entire “John Wick” kit.


They don’t even have a website yet, so this is just a sneak peek of what is yet to come. Look for the Atlas Standard line, in Spring 2018.


27 Responses to “Introducing Atlas Standard”

  1. Bobby davro says:

    All the grey men will be wearing the same grey as soon as these are released then ?

  2. Whiskey Bravo says:

    Hopefully this line will last longer than the Massif Collection did. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

    • Torch says:

      Zing! I too was excited about that until I saw what a mess it was when I tried it on. Good intention, piss poor execution. TAD is trying the same thing abet in a different manner. I suspect Caleb has done his homework. There will always be the tells between operator and spy.

    • Reseremb says:

      Arc’teryx has/had a similar line, right?

      • Torch says:

        Yep, mostly weatherproof style blazers and overcoats

      • Tim says:

        Arc’teryx has a fashion oriented collection for their civilian line-up. It’s not part of LEAF so far as I know and it’s not really designed for utilitarian purposes like this stuff ought to be.

        • Ross says:

          I would say that almost everything Arc’teryx does is utilitarian, whether it’s LEAF or civilian. I mean it’s an outdoor clothing company. Their Valience line is pretty much the same thing that crye is trying to do. It’s utilitarian clothing (DWR treated/quality materials) that is meant to blend in an urban/professional environment. Personally I don’t care much for the style, it’s a little slick for my taste, but the couple Valience pieces I have are very high end, and tough.
          Hell, maybe I should buy more, so I stop getting looks at my cold wx with patches and shit when I walk into a nice restaurant in Chicago.

          • SSD says:

            Arc’teryx isn’t doing what Atlas Standard is. I know, I’ve been an Arc’teryx customer for 15 years.

            Read the article. There’s more than style going on here.

  3. Marcus says:

    Wait. Is that the elusive Six-12?

    Will it be released at the same time?


  4. Adam says:

    This is the best thing I’ve seen so far to come out of SHOT 2018.

  5. Doc Ras says:

    Enter the Gucci gear jokes about Crye circa 2010. Gray man chic now coming to a runway near you

  6. Lasse says:

    Those Salomon shoes and your operator Oakleys are still going to give you away, but at least you’ll have some class.

  7. Joe says:

    I’ll never get this. What’s more lo-vis than lo-vis clothes from a tactical company? Normal human clothes!

    • bobbydenard says:


      I’m pretty sure Gap and Banana Republic sell clothes. If you are wearing Arc’Teryx LEAF and TAD and Prometheus Werx, it’s because you WANT others to recognize you for what you are or what you think you are. (I could have said 5.11, but no one here will admit to wearing 5.11/)

      Or if you are one of those paranoid types that thinks you’ll be targeted in Frankfurt airport because you are American, then you can always shop at Zaras.

      • Nick says:

        You can also learn how to blend in with cultural mannerisms, cues, etc. – truthfully, that’s the most important part.

        The clothes definitely help with the first pass in not being noticed, but I’m all for integrating technical/tactical apparel lessons learned with low signature garments.

        As for being targeted because you are American, it’s a real thing depending where you go…

  8. Agent Orange says:

    “It’s so overt it’s covert.”

    – Sherlock Holmes

  9. Esteban says:

    I am guessing the beards will be going away and clean shaven college dude look will be in?

  10. Joey says:

    Arc’teryx is doing a $1,500.00 jacket. Does that count?

  11. TheFull9 says:

    “You’ll stand out so much, everyone will know what this is”

    Except you only think that because you know what this is. If 99.9% of the global population sees a plain black jacket they see a jacket that could’ve come from literally anywhere.

    Yeah you will be recognisable to maybe a small portion of the ‘community’ who knows about gear but then the portion who really know about high end gear is small and so what if they ‘clock’ you? They’re the ones on the same side as you.

    • Nick says:

      Not always.

      Our adversaries are getting smarter these days, and if anyone thinks that everyone paying attention is a ‘good guy’ then they are living in a bubble.

      On an entirely different note, I really, really, really want to like the products that Atlas Standard are coming out with, and am excited to see/ heartily abuse their products when the brand is fully unveiled.

      In any case, this will definitely be a better option than continually sending my garments off for special modifications to suit my travel needs.

      • TheFull9 says:

        Sure, don’t underestimate your enemies. But are there even any external labels at all with the name/logo? Who’s memorising the *exact* cut/patterning and fabrics of every single black jacket made by a company that’s related to military users? I mean I could believe there may be a handful of people on the planet that might do that but I feel like the super uber secret squirrels for whom that concern is really valid will have strategies to deal with such; buying mega cheap clothes often and ditching them frequently perhaps? I don’t know because I’m not one, but to say this clothing turns you in to a shining beacon that screams “kidnap or stab me in public if you hate western stuff” seems like extreme hyperbole.