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SHOT Show 18 – Stratus Support Systems

The patented Stratus Tactical Plate is a weapon retention device for AR patten weapons. It replaces the standard lower receiver extension plate and integrates a low profile knuckle. It’s machined from billet T6 6061 aluminum and available anodized in Flat Black  & OD Green.  Cerakoted in Olive Green, Earth/Tan & No Finish Aluminum.

The STP’s knuckle slips into the MOLLE Adaptive Plate which integrates a PALS compatible attachment at the rear. The MAP is offered in Black, OD and Tan.

The STP also integrates a slot for a QD sling adapter.




15 Responses to “SHOT Show 18 – Stratus Support Systems”

  1. ODG says:

    Can you say “IP infringement”.

    • Benb says:

      Who else makes these?

    • Adrian says:

      The S&S one has definitely undergone some changes since I first remember seeing it. I am not sure if they have a patent or not, I looked on their site and didn’t see one. Either way its definitely a poor copy.

    • the dude says:

      Yep, all those mid-’90s cell phone holster manufacturers are gonna file so many lawsuits. They totally swamped LFM over their prop guys using this system for all the guns and lightsabers and what have you in TPM….

      The concept is over 20 years old.

      • SLG says:

        The concept is actually over 100 years old. Maybe applying it to an M4 counts as new, IDK.

        • bloke_from_ohio says:

          SSD: Come for the cool tactical stuff. Stay for the comment section IP debates…

        • Toby Melville says:

          Actually it’s well over 100 years. In 1863 a Sheriff in Texas patented the Bridgeport Rig, which looks A LOT like the featured gear on this page, the Weapons Link, the Advanced Retention System, and several others today. Where as the below mentioned attorney has made the claim I’m a liar but their patent clearly shows a COMPLETELY different design and now resembles some one else’s equipment and patents ( I am coughing). So while I will not need to argue about who is who in the zoo but I do find it funny how those who are the most agrigious are the ones that are the most guilty. Seems like there is a lot of that going around in politics too. I have nothing but respect and love for those who work hard, toe the line, and carry there honor out in front. While all of you faithful followers have no doubt enjoyed the spectical that the unmentioned person has attempted to make but I say I am a believer in truth sooo, those who would steal or subvert can pound sand. I look forward to the colorful comments that will pursue lol!

  2. Pro Patria says:

    It may also infringe on the Button Sling interface, which predates the S&S design. Just the rifle side of the interface.

  3. jbgleason says:

    They might want to check with the guys at Strike Tactical as well who have had one out for over a year. Theirs even offers a locking option. Pretty sure they had it patented back when I first saw it.

  4. Well even S&S copied our design. I find it funny that all of these companies to include H&K are trying to copy our design but still cannot do what we have done. It is not I am tooting my own horn but I have seen so many companies try to do what we have and our 3 patents are keeping our product at the pinnacle of retention. I can assure you that if you need to retain weapons, equipment, or electronics the R2S is the true plank holder. There is a reason that when I speak to other professionals like myself who have used the S&S Weapon Link they have nothing good to say, hell even the H&K $700 copy for the MP7 fell short. Then we have Blackhawk directly coping us with their Onivore Holster. Let’s not forget Strike Industries “Advanced Retention System”, they didn’t even come up with an original name, they copied ours; the Rapid Retention System.
    Look you as the consumer need to make sure you do your own research, not just what the ninjas say online. I can tell you we are in use globally with all levels of professionals and we have a design that crushes the competition. It is so disheartening to see people just coping everything everyone else does. For 25 years I have served like you brothers, I take pride in being one of us and staying true to you all. Stay classy and stay true, it is better to be able to look your brother in the face than put a dollar in your pocket at the expense of honesty.

  5. Mr. Melville,

    Please be advised that your statement that “S&S copied our design” is utterly and completely false, and constitutes defamation per se. This is a written demand for you to retract this statement including an acknowledgment that your statement is erroneous.

    If you are represented by legal counsel, please direct this writing to your attorney immediately and have your attorney notify me of such representation.

    James Golladay
    Tanner IP, PLLC
    Intellectual Property Counsel for S&S Precision, LLC

    • Vince says:

      Yes, because a posting on an open source, non-secure web forum is a legal and lawful means of presenting a written and signed cease and desist demand. This post is toothless and only serves to create poor entertainment for us visitors to the site. You sir, should go chase ambulances.