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SHOT Show 18 – Mayflower Jungle Ultralight Chest Rig

This is Mayflower’s new Jungle Ultralight Chest Rig features Trilor Grid, which is stronger than standard laser cut PALS slots due to its shape.

It features a comfy, wide H harness which is removable as the rig is SwiftClip compatible.

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9 Responses to “SHOT Show 18 – Mayflower Jungle Ultralight Chest Rig”

  1. Ck says:

    You can always get a hint where JSOC is by what environmental gear velocity drops.

  2. Insane Soldier says:

    Its about time somebody made a chest rig with real shoulder straps that can handle weight!

  3. SpankDaddyCool says:

    Didn’t Blue Force fear just do this? Minimus? For lightweight jungle type kit I would prefer a split front opening.

    • Nelson says:

      The chest panel portion is lined with dyneema fibers to enhance tensile strength which the BFG one does not have. This will keep it from sagging and staying that way under the weight of whatever it’s loaded up with

      • Nick says:

        Now that’s really cool technology.

        I guess we will see more of this being used in future rigs and belt systems to add rigidity?

      • Thomas Caldwell says:

        What is the tear strength with the added fibers?