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BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handles Reloaded


Driven by over a decade of feedback from real-world combat operations, BCM® has made continual design refinements and structural improvements to the charging handle in the M4 and M16 to address the current manual of arms for the weapon system.

Optimizing the contours into a snag-free profile that facilitates immediate manipulation with an end user’s reaction side grip, the range of BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Charging Handles is available with both ambidextrous and MIL-SPEC controls as well as a size range accommodate different end-users hands.

Redesigned to eliminate the load on the pivot pin and keep the energy from charging close to the centerline of the carbine/rifle, BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Charging Handles provides an uninterrupted engagement surface with no pinch points to catch skin or other material that could induce a malfunction during a time-is-life manipulation. A patented ambidextrous design with simplified mechanism for robust performance, each Charging Handle is crafted with MIL-SPEC grade forgings and machined from 7075 T6 aluminum, with a hard coat anodized finish per Mil-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2.

Traditional – US Patent No D798.409

Ambi – US Patent No. 9,739,549

URL bravocompanymfg.com/charging_handle


15 Responses to “BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handles Reloaded”

  1. t1tan says:


  2. Matthew Ayers says:

    Glad to see this. While the original style of BCM GFCH is my go to and I have a ton of them, newer offerings from others, including Geissele, had surpassed them. These look very good and should compete well.

  3. Ryan says:

    Black charging handle, black background, low light.

    The description sound good but the details are hard to make out in the pictures.

    • Kango says:

      Turn up the contrast or brightness of your monitor?

      I can see everything perfectly and the lighting in the picture helps show the contours of the handle. Dont know whats wrong with what you’re looking at.

  4. Gripen says:

    Now I actually have to decide between Radian and BCM.

  5. AC says:

    Are the sizes equivalent to the previous models? I noticed they only come in standard and large, and did away with the medium.

    • 404953-C says:

      The new Mod 4 has a slightly more reduced profile than the previous Mod 4. Same with the Mod 3.

      • AC says:

        So with the new “reduced profile”, which one would be closest to the previous Mod 4?

        • 404953-C says:

          Mod 4 is still your huckleberry. I just compared them side by side.

          • AC says:

            I appreciate the information. Is the new version significantly improved? Enough to justify replacing my current mod 4?

            • 404953-C says:

              Hard to say. I’ve never had an issue with any of my old ones but these are pretty slick. Keeping in mind I am a recreational and gaming shooter first, I don’t carry a gun for a living.

  6. Mike says:

    the new model 3×3, size corresponds to the old GFH AMBI? Thanks

  7. Previous design was really nice but I want to try the new version, it looks awesome.

  8. MidGasFan says:

    BCM nailed it with this design! The first gen ones had a gap between the latch and body that my little girlie fingers works get pinched in. That sucked.

    I’m currently running Radian Raptor and Mega Slide Lock charging handles but this will be my next buy.

    Great job, BCM!

  9. Invictus says:

    Ambi handles really have me hating the forward assist. Who is making good flat sided uppers?