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SHOT Show 18 – Condor ELITE Ultralight Adjustable Mag Pouches and Modular Load Carriage Systems

During SHOT Show 18 I was shown something that surprised me. In fact, it will surprise my readers as well, because I’m writing an article about Condor products. They’ve definitely stepped up their game. A few years ago, they introduced their Condor ELITE Line which features new materials and construction techniques but this, well it takes it a different level. They are innovating.

The Condor ELITE Ultralight Adjustable Mag Pouches and Modular Load Carriage Systems are impressive. I spoke with the designer, who offered me some details on the project.

The Universal Ultralight Mag System  (UUMS) is a patent pending, laser cut design, Made in the USA. The ultralight design weighs 1.35 oz  (60% lighter than TACO LT). UUMS features one pouch for long gun mags and one for hand gun mags. The pouch height is micro adjustable via the movable to accommodate different magazine height. Essentially, 5.56, 7.62 or other rifle magazines can be used in the same pouch. Additionally, the pouch can be configured for bungee retention or open top applications by threading the bungie in reverse. When used in the open top configuration, retention is micro adjustable on the fly. Triple mag and pistol magazine pouches sporting the same options are also available.

Condor ELITE also presented a modular system where different load carriage or plate options can be changed out on the front or back. Options for the front include a plate carrier, Spear ELCS zip platform and a Rhodesian-style front rack. On the back, options include: a plate option with laser MOLLE platform for attaching pockets, a lightweight harness and integrated assault pack.

Both utilize a patent pending Trilogrid laser cut MOLLE replacement system. The laser cut triangles allow for an exact 1″ base which eliminates side to side slop of pouches that reduces wear and movement. Furthermore, the triangular shape has greater strength than other laser cut configurations and it is far easier thread MOLLE pouch straps or clips.

Condor, you’ve got my attention. You’re showing some serious innovation with these additions to your ELITE line. You’ve combined innovative design with top quality materials and US made products.



11 Responses to “SHOT Show 18 – Condor ELITE Ultralight Adjustable Mag Pouches and Modular Load Carriage Systems”

  1. The Full 9 says:

    Definitely in the twilight zone today…

  2. Iheartptbelts says:

    Does that chest rig have nipples?

  3. Luke says:

    yeah, color me impressed; a multi mag pouch that isn’t just a straight taco knock-off.

    • straps says:

      Yeah, for this effort they quite literally reverse-engineered a First Spear Multi-Mag by moving the snag hazard to the front/outside and economized by replacing cam tension with elastic tension.

  4. ODG says:

    HAHAHAHAHA, I thought they made the first anatomically correct chest rig for women and I was like oh thats kinda cool then I realized…..its not hahahahaha

    • straps says:

      If I win the lotto and decide I don’t need my pension, ima buy one of those rigs and show up for range fire with some disposable ear pro tucked under that elastic…

  5. Judah says:

    Even if their build quality has gone beyond airsoft, for this company, innovation is definitely a new term. And I say that very politely.

  6. EODFish says:

    This post is over a month and a half early, what in the world is happening?

  7. Willsew4kit says:

    would like to see how compatible it is when wearing a ruck with those SR buckle in front.

  8. Joe says:

    Why is all this stuff OCP/Scorpion W2 and not Multicam? Same thing with the Velocity Systems new rigs, with a similar shape. Main fabric is OCP/Scorpion.