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Q has expanded their firearms offering with the introduction of Mini Fix, seen here nestled between The Fix and Honey Badger. Q founder, Kevin Brittingham, shared some information on this new design with us.


The Q Mini Fix is a scaled down version of The Fix bolt gun with a receiver that is 1/2″ shorter. Designed to fit M4 magazines, the Mini Fix will be offered in pistol (300 BLK) and rifle (224 Valkyrie) formats.


The pistol Mini Fix features an 8″ 300 BLK barrel with 1:5 twist and a Q designed Stabilizing Brace built exclusively for this firearm by SB Tactical. The Q Brace is not depicted in any of these photos.


The pistol has an overall length of 17″ including the mounted Cherry Bomb muzzle brake, which accepts the Trash Panda and Thunder Chicken silencers. There is also a full length top Pic rail and the handguard covers the 8″ barrel. Here are some photos to give you an idea of how long it is.

As you can see, this model with the stock from The Fix weighs 4lbs 11oz, but it will weigh even less once the Q Brace is installed.


The rifle Mini Fix in 224 Valkyrie will come with a Q match barrel and the folding stock from The Fix.


As an aside, Brittingham told me that so far, they are seeing the best performance for the .224 when using PRI 6.8 magazines, although they continue to evaluate others. The rifle will ship with what they determine is best.


Brittingham related that at this point, the final detail they haven’t worked out yet, is whether they’ll incorporate M-Lok or use Q-Sert for attachments. Q-Sert is machined from 17-4 rectangular stock with an anchor at the back and pressed into place. Below is an image which shows two handguard. The top incorporates Q-Sert, while the bottom is constructed to the M-Lok standard.

Both versions are only available in the clear hard coat anodizing seen in the photos. The anodizing will look slightly different with each material so you won’t get a uniform hue across the entire gun, but it’s one of the many features which makes the Mini Fix different from everything else on the market.


Mini Fix is an adaptable design and a fixed stock and hinge adapter will be available. This way, a pistol owner may register it as an SBR, if desired. Additionally, Brittingham tells me he expects to offer .223 and 6.5 Grendel barrels.


Because Mini Fix features 80% parts commonality with The Fix, production is already in progress with shipping planned for late 2nd Quarter, 2018.

To pre-order, you’ll need to first make a $100 donation to Special Operations Care Fund and then pay half of the $2699 up front, to Q.


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12 Responses to “Q Mini Fix”

  1. tcba_joe says:

    Tiny bolt rifle with a pistol brace… I love it.

    Kinda wish it came in 5.56. Not the best round out for dedicated precision, but not the point.

  2. Fernando says:

    Damn, that’s sexy.

  3. Mike L. says:

    Looks awesome! Just curious, what’s the intended role/application for a short bolt gun?


  4. Jon C says:

    Holy shit, that’s fucking rad

  5. SLG says:

    I have the Fix, and it is truly awesome. I have no real use for a 300blk bolt gun pistol (cool though), but in 224V and 223, I’m very excited about it. I’d also love to see a long action version, for those of us who like 30-06 and 300WM.

  6. Bradkaf308 says:

    So cool! Matches my current taste in longs, I want them short. Unfortunately to get the most out of them (legally in my area) need a min OAL of 26 inches.

  7. Vic says:

    Shorty in 6.5 Grendel?!?! I am a big fan of that round. Count me in!