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SureFire Field Notes – Travis Haley

Episode 20 of SureFire Field Notes is live! In this episode, Travis Haley of Haley Strategic Partners discusses the 22422 drill and low-light variations.

Travis Haley is a veteran Force Reconnaissance Marine with 15 years of dedicated real world experience including: combat tours in Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. After leaving the military, Mr Haley served as a special operations and security contractor before partnering with Magpul as founder and CEO of their training division, Magpul Dynamics. Mr Haley also served as CEO of the parent company, Magpul Industries, before breaking off to form the endeavor that would become Haley Strategic Partners.


4 Responses to “SureFire Field Notes – Travis Haley”

  1. jack says:

    what is the pullover in the picture ? looks great

  2. jose gordon says:

    “neural – muscular connectivity”…how about just say try to quickly, consistently “press” the trigger…I know why…because it’s in keeping with the “dynamic, kinetic, austere, energetic, hostile engagements in a tiered, photometrically limited, target set”…Field Notes which will be the next video…right???