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Langdon Tactical Beretta PX4 Storm Carry

Phoenix, AZ (January 25, 2018) – Langdon Tactical Technology, Inc. announces the launch of the newly refined Beretta PX4 Full-Size as the PX4 Carry 9mm handgun. The PX4 Carry is the full-size version of the well-known Compact Carry, encompassing all of the same features and benefits in a full size package.  “Underrated is an understatement,” says Ernest Langdon, he continued “after shooting 50,000 rounds through the same PX4 Carry in one year, I truly believe this is the most underrated service pistol of modern time.”

The Langdon Tactical PX4 Carry includes AmeriGlo Night Sights, Talon Grips, Beretta Competition Trigger Group, Stealth Levers, Extended Mag Button, Reduced Weight Hammer Spring, and Sniper Gray Cerakote Slide. It is shipping with two 17-round magazines and one 20-round magazine.


Langdon Tactical Technology specializes in firearms training, customer trigger jobs on Beretta 92/96’s and PX4’s. Langdon is well known for his work on double-action hammer fired pistols and is happy to be offering these services again. For more information, check out www.langdontactical.com.

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7 Responses to “Langdon Tactical Beretta PX4 Storm Carry”

  1. Defensor fortismo says:

    As someone who carries a px4 compact with a number of improvements based on Ernest Langdon’s work on the platform, (including a g conversion and most recently a 12lb Wilson combat hammer spring), I can confirm that it’s a vastly underrated weapon.

  2. Willis Bee says:

    Love the gun light hanging on it. Streamlight newbie TLR

  3. Paul Rasmussen says:

    I have a 45 cal px4 storm c model. Is there any way to modify it to single action when ready to fire?


    • Bob S says:

      They have a spring with less tension available.

      • Defensor fortismo says:

        They do, but they come from the DAO version, which is what the c version is, kind of, (my understanding is that it fires from the half cock). I don’t know if putting in a new spring is going to actually do anything in this casw5.

  4. Preston Suggs says:

    Px-4 storm .40 Full size
    What website do I visit for the purchase of the upgrades

    • Defensor fortismo says:

      Go directly to Langdon tactical and the upgrades are available. Alternatively, a lot of them are available through the Beretta web store, but a lot are unique to the carry series.