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2018 USASOC Sniper Comp – Rheinmetall Vario-Ray Low Profile

Designed and developed by Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics (RSE) in Stockach, Germany, the Vario-Ray Low Profile (VR-LP) is the latest version of their Vario-Ray line. It combines laser aiming and illuminating into a single device which is waterproof to 30m for 2 hours. It is very low profile, sitting just 1 inch above the Picatinny rail, with simple-to-use push button controls.


Available with Green or Red visible laser, the VR-LP also incorporates an IR illuminator and target marker. The laser block is aligned at the factory which simplifies boresighting. Additionally, there is an eye-safe training mode when the blue blocking screw is installed.


The VR-LP has standard Y-cable interfaces for use with the Rheinmetall modular weapon lamp or third-party lamps. It relies on a single CR-123A battery to provide 4 hours of dual IR 30/80mW use.


The VR-LP is offered in the United States by American Rheinmetall Systems, LLC.



15 Responses to “2018 USASOC Sniper Comp – Rheinmetall Vario-Ray Low Profile”

  1. Nuggethead says:

    So it looks like it’s a PEQ15 by a different manufacturer with the option for a green laser and a different housing. I like having lots of options as much as anyone else but this cracks me up. I get the feeling there’s just not that much more room for improvement with IR laser setups, like we’re reaching peak performance with the products currently on the market. Is it smaller?

    • Steve says:

      30m 2h ingress-protection rating is no joke…

      PEQ 15 was only 6m 1h rating.

    • Joey Johnson says:

      It is also about a half inch shorter in height. So, no more seeing the top portion in your optic window.

    • Erik says:

      I believe that, since Rheinmetall is an European manufacturer, it is much easier for European countries to obtain this device compared to US ITAR controlled products.

      • Dan says:

        Not only can Nato countries get what they want from the US, they are also encouraged to buy US gear, by the US. even turkish special forces are running around with the same equipment as the US tier-1 units..

        • SSD says:

          Export licenses to Turkey are difficult right now.

        • Erik says:

          EU Countries are generally obliged to issue an EU tender for obtaining military equipment above a certain amount of money. Therefore, US companies are at a disadvantage unless there is an EU middle man.

          But of course, there are exceptions.

        • Keld says:

          Not true.
          Especially in the night vision arena, the FOM rating on US export NVG’s are not the same as the FOM on US Forces NVG’s.
          We are replacing PVS14’s with a EU manufacturers NVG because of this, I’m told by those in the know here.

          • Erik says:

            What is a FOM rating?

            • Keld says:

              FOM means Figure Of Merit
              It’s a designation of how good the tubes are.
              For instance US Tier 1 units might have tubes that are rated at, say 25 and represent the absolute best tubes possible.
              But NATO or other allied forces buying tubes from the US can maximum get tubes rated at say 18.
              So not all are equal, though they might look identical from the outside.

            • Keld says:

              Late last summer I was asked to test out 3 sets of mono goggles and 3 sets of Elcan Blackcat NV scopes with different tubes in them and evaluate which ones were the best in each category.
              So I was told a bit about the rating system and how it worked.
              I might have the actual real numbers wrong, but it’s in that ballpark.

    • straps says:

      More players=more competition=better solutions for warfighters.