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Queensland Police Bring Down a Drone Using DroneGun at a Commonwealth Games Venue

In February 2018, DroneShield was proud to announce that the Queensland Police Service would be utilising multiple units of DroneShield’s DroneGun for aerial protection of the XXI Commonwealth Games in Brisbane. The Australian media is now reporting that a DroneGun has been deployed in a live incident near a Commonwealth Games venue in Brisbane. The media reports indicate that a drone breaching an aerial exclusion zone around the Games’ venues was neutralised using a DroneGun, and the drone operator was apprehended.

 Image: QPS Officer deploying DroneGun MKII (source:

Peter Beattie AC, Chairman of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation, is reported by the media to have stated that the safest place in Australia during the Games is at the Games. DroneShield seconds that statement, and is proud to be effectively and efficiently contributing to the security of 6,600 athletes from approximately 70 countries and tens of thousands of Australian and foreign spectators.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO commented, “Much of the use of our products is not publicly-known. Security and military agencies rarely comment on deployments and specific incidents. We are proud to have secured the skies for the public at the Games, as is evident from this incident which became public.”

3 Responses to “Queensland Police Bring Down a Drone Using DroneGun at a Commonwealth Games Venue”

  1. itsaquadnotadrone says:

    Now people educate me:

    How did they catch the guy holding the remote?

  2. Jon Demler says:

    I ready a Fast Company story that stated the DroneGun was not actually used. I’ve been trying to find more info but no luck.