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Crye Precision Adds Maritime Series Carrier And Pouches To Website

Crye Precision just updated their website with the Maritime Series which consists of the Maritime JPC 2.0 (Swimmer Cut), Pouches and accessories. 

The biggest difference is that the items feature mesh construction for drainage in a maritime environment. 

It’s also important to note that the Maritime Series is made-to-order and not part of their standard stocking system. That means a minimum lead time of 12 weeks.


10 Responses to “Crye Precision Adds Maritime Series Carrier And Pouches To Website”

  1. royceda59 says:

    So apart from being made from mesh, what makes this “Maritime” other than the fancy name?

    • MOGENS BECK says:

      Its made for swimmercut plates.
      Not sure why you would want to make a maritime charrier in mesh since it still sucks up water.

      • SSD says:

        Because it doesn’t hold water in the pouches.

      • SSD says:

        The mesh doesn’t absorb any water. Vest weighs roughly 1.3 lbs and holds less than a half pound of water. 30 seconds after it’s removed from water, it weighs 1.3 lbs again.

        Have you ever actually done any MAROPS? Fabric patches which fill up with water, really suck when you’re getting in and out of the water.

        • Ed says:

          This man speaks the truth!

          Try doing an OTB with old ALICE pack and full load-out. My pack went in 65lbs, damn near felt 90lbs patrolling to hinterland before full drain minus wet fabric.

    • Steve says:

      If it’s anything like the Maritime stuff LBT has available, there are probably flotation inserts available (and room for them in the carrier), as well.

  2. benb says:

    I have a Crye Airlight carrier made out of hapalon (spelling?). That stuff does not soak up water and is quite strong. Maybe a good option to make a Maritime plate carrier out of.

  3. tcba_joe says:

    Really like that admin pouch. Has one seen a “non-maritime’ version? I’d like one not in MC.

    • Lt M says:

      Looking at it there likely wouldn’t be a difference between a maritime and non-maritime version. No info on other colourways.
      It looks like the Maritime JPC doesn’t feature a built admin pouch like the original.