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SIG P320 Completes Government 10,000 Round First Article Testing With Zero Issues

Late last week, SIG SAUER posted a rather intriguing photo to their Instagram account.


It had this caption.

6 guns….60,000 rounds…zero failures…big shout out to the testing and engineering teams at SIG SAUER as they put the P320 through its paces for a new customer’s endurance testing protocol

I asked for more information from SIG, inquiring which government agency the test was conducted for. No one would say, neither on, nor off-the-record, but I did find out that this was First Article Testing and that it wasn’t DoD. Additionally, the testing was conducted at SIG with government observers. This leads me to believe it was for Department of Homeland Security. SIG technicians fired 10,000 rounds each through six P320 pistols. I understand the ammunition was Gold Dot 2.

The pistols also went through a full battery of testing including a six-axis drop test. Once again, there were no failures. Both of these tests are significant due to last year’s -30 Deg drop issue and the P320-derived Modular Handgun System exhibited issues with ammunition in DoD testing last year.

It’s very rare for a new piece of equipment to complete First Article Testing with zero deficiencies. It sounds like SIG has been learning from past issues and upping their game. Let’s see if they can keep this up.


20 Responses to “SIG P320 Completes Government 10,000 Round First Article Testing With Zero Issues”

  1. JM Gavin says:

    SIG has a long way to go to win back the product confidence they have lost over the last several years. Their QC continues to be poor. I’m one of those poor saps that has a thing for SIG pistols, and I keep giving them “just one more chance.” I’m like the schmuck that has married and divorced three strippers, losing everything along the way, and yet is hanging around the club with a ring in his pocket. I just had to send back a brand new SIG pistol for warranty work. Maybe this time I’ll learn my lesson.

    • Geaux11Bang says:

      I was at my local gun store to see if they had any SIG P365s in stock, and the guy was telling me that the company that created and built my 1984 Sig Sauer P226 (Made in W. Germany!) isn’t the same one as we have now. Long story short, perhaps I don’t wind up buying one, but I probably will.

      • SSD says:

        He’s right. They don’t build guns in Germany anymore. They’re manufactured in New Hampshire on the old Pease AFB facility.

        • PPGMD says:

          SIG Germany is still making guns. It is just primarily for the Germany market, and SIG USA is no longer importing any German guns or using German frames to make guns.

          • Jeff S says:

            Outside of the Master Shop pistols, what guns are SIG producing/selling in Germany?

      • Dave says:

        In almost every instance, a quick google for a gun’s spec sheet before walking into a gun shop will render you less ignorant than most employees there in. Glancing at the Wikipedia pages for Gene Stoner, Paul Mauser, and John Browning will render you an expert by comparison. If you’ve ever shot a gun or read a book about them, forget it; the employees simply have access to the back room to see what’s in stock. If someone behind the counter were to tell me they had wet feet, I’d be skeptical even if they were standing in waist deep water.

  2. JPD says:

    JM Gavin:

    You must be snake bit. I have owned several Sig pistols. P226, P220, P239, P938, P320C, and recently acquired the P365. Compared to my S&W’s, Rugers, Glocks, Sig has proven to be top of the heap. In pretty much every way. On the rare occasions I have sent in for any work (most recently, the upgrade to the P320), the service has been outstanding. Like you I may be snake bit. I have had bad experiences with Glock. Warranty service was pretty poor ( for me at least, YMMV).

    • Hodge175 says:

      I have a P220 Elite carry and a P320C/SC and both have worked flawless for me and whenever I have contacted their C.S., I have nit had any issues with them.

      I just wish magazines were cheaper and more things were in stock from time to time.

      • Ranger Rick says:

        I went through two P220 Elites,then gave up on them before getting a Plain Jane P220 to be reliable. That’s no hit on Sig, all manufactures can have QC issues.

  3. straps says:

    I’m the OTHER guy on the internet with 3x functional Sig pistols (226, 229, 1911).

  4. tsh77769 says:

    How many times did they drop them?

  5. RF says:

    Going with USSS. That agency has been in dire need of a pistol upgrade from their current P229s for years. They would also be a logical choice testing with gold dot. You didn’t say which caliber, but if it’s .357sig that increases the odds of my prediction.

    • Andrew says:

      USSS? Just check FBO.gov to verify a solicitation. I seriously doubt it is the USSS as they are always behind.

    • tcba_joe says:

      I don’t think USSS has a contract out at this point. However, it’s already well published that DHS HSI and ICE have a contract out for the P320 and are at the FAT stage of the contract.

    • Ton E says:

      My money is on CBP.

  6. FNU LNU says: