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Brothers in Berets: The Evolution of Air Force Special Tactics, 1953–2003

Air University Press new publication announcement:

Brothers in Berets: The Evolution of Air Force Special Tactics, 1953–2003 by Forrest L. Marion.

Relying largely on oral history interviews, this work explores the evolution and contributions of the Battlefield Airmen assigned to Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) special tactics units over 50 years.

“Their story deserves telling within the US Air Force and to the general public,” notes Gen John Jumper, USAF, retired.

Battlefield Airmen core competencies include performing duties primarily on the ground, often “outside the wire,” and under austere conditions—all skills needed for carrying the fight to the enemy on the ground. The AFSOC special tactics community is a small brotherhood of highly trained and equally dedicated warriors consisting of special tactics officers and combat controllers, combat rescue officers and pararescuemen, and officer and enlisted special operations weathermen.

Its members have proven themselves as force multipliers time and time again throughout their history in places like Somalia, Serbia, and the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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2 Responses to “Brothers in Berets: The Evolution of Air Force Special Tactics, 1953–2003”

  1. Andrew says:

    This is great. I’ve downloaded 8 books already.
    Also, another good AFSOC STS book:

  2. Alpha2 says:

    Always love reading about AFSOC, and especially CCT’s, my Pops was a Combat Controller from 64-72. Those warriors all too often don’t seem to get their due.