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Massif Demonstrates How To Fold The Army Combat Shirt

Massif ought to know how to do it, they’ve produced over 5 million of them!


9 Responses to “Massif Demonstrates How To Fold The Army Combat Shirt”

  1. d says:

    That’d be a real shame if your combat shirt got wrinkled.

  2. Thulsa Doom says:

    Probably soon to be followed for WOCS, NCOAs or other wall locker inspection schools…..

  3. Marcus says:

    What’s that measure folded? Because a certain someone, somewhere demands a precise measurement.

  4. kaos-1 says:

    I don’t think the people at massif have ever packed a duffle bag

    • Kirk says:

      Few in the procurement realm actually have. I remember walking out of RFI issue, and wondering where the hell I was supposed to fit everything they’d issued us. The CSM blithely assured us it was possible.

      Following morning, he came back in, and the first thing he did was tell the PBO to get on the horn to CIF, and tell them to put an additional duffle bag on the issue menu for everyone. Also told the movement officer he’d need to factor that into our manifest.

      I’ll bet you any money there was a Roman Centurion who had similar issues.

  5. Adun says:

    I have been doing it right all along!

  6. Mike Walters says:

    Morning everyone, glad you are talking about Massif and our ACS. These instructions were for our shipping department in order to put the shirt in the shipping bags properly, when we launched the product so many years ago. The post last week on our social media was for fun and to emphasize the fact we have shipped and folded over 5 million combat shirts. And I imagine almost everyone one of them was wrinkled in some way when taken out of the bag. Oh and for the record, a lot of us here have packed an issued duffle bag, or two, in our day. 🙂 It is interesting to see what gets people talking. Sincerely, TeamMarketing at TeamMassif.

  7. cimg says:

    what, no ranger roll?

  8. DIAZ says: