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MMI Textiles – MultiCam Belt Webbing


MMI Textiles has belt webbing in stock in MultiCam, MultiCam Black and Ranger Green. The patterns are printed on both sides of this Berry compliant Type 13 webbing which is 1 23/32″ wide.


Available by the Roll or Case.

To order call 440-899-8050 or visit


4 Responses to “MMI Textiles – MultiCam Belt Webbing”

  1. jon chang says:

    Did some work with these folks recently. Great people and easy to work with!

  2. MMI Textiles says:

    Thanks Jon – we appreciate it!

  3. WmW says:

    Jacquard. All the way. No fading. Stiffer. Double sided naturally.

    • Redbeard says:

      Jacquard weave sucks if it gets wet or weathers(fuzzes). It’ll barely pass through buckles.