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G3 LAC Combat Uniforms Now Available On Crye Precision’s Website


Designed as a Law Enforcement Uniform, the G3 LAC Combat Uniform debuted several years ago. But, it hasn’t been available to the public until today.


The uniform consists of Combat Shirt and Pant and feature a simpler cut than other G3 Combat Uniforms. Offered in Navy Blue, they are made from 65/35 PolyCotton which is very common for LE uniforms. However, the torso of the shirt is Drifire FR knit.



3 Responses to “G3 LAC Combat Uniforms Now Available On Crye Precision’s Website”

  1. TheFull9 says:

    Ordered up a combat set, had no idea before today they’d ever made stuff in pyco, guess I never really looked at the old catalogues close enough. Going to be interesting to get hands on and compare.

  2. jeffs says:

    Any ETA on the G4 sets?