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Warrior West 18 – Magazine/152 Pouch by Back Bay USA

Back Bay USA showed me their new Magazine Pouch for 2 30 RD M4 magazines which doubles duty as a carrier for the AN/PRC-152 radio.

Manufactured from laser cut DSM material, it features an internal divider.

The magazine divider lays flat at the rear of the pouch when used to carry a radio.

Available soon in MultiCam, Coyote, Ranger Green and OD from


2 Responses to “Warrior West 18 – Magazine/152 Pouch by Back Bay USA”

  1. lcpl1066 says:

    I have noticed a trend towards leaving a portion of the bottom of a mag pouch open. I am concerned that this would allow sediments to enter the pouch and dirty the internal of the magazine. Is there validity to this or is it an unwarranted fear. Does anyone have any experience with this?

    • pablo says:

      getting prone could create some issues for sure. i guess it’s always a trade-off of protection over weight.