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Warrior West 18 – Belleville 901V2 “Burma” Jungle Boot

The 901V2 is Belleville’s Jungle Boot, called the “Burma.” The V2 is because it’s their second version, with a thinner midsole than the first version.


As you can see, it features a Panama II outsole. Inside, there’s a puncture resistant textile insole and medial and lateral side drainage perforations. The vamp construction acts as a screen for sand and debris.


There’s also a removable PU footbed which provides some shock absorption and sits the sole just a bit off of the puncture proof insole which might have a bit of water which hasn’t drained. This helps keep your feet drier.



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5 Responses to “Warrior West 18 – Belleville 901V2 “Burma” Jungle Boot”

  1. Jungle Joe says:

    Sole seems too thick
    Little cracks in the sole pattern are going to be stuck with debris
    Why is jungle boot sand solored?
    Nubuk finish on leather is no good to wet and mud

    I would still rather stick with old green jungle boots…

  2. Fernando R. says:

    A nice looking jungle boot in… tan?

  3. Hodge175 says:

    a $210.00 Jungle boot? and no Pro plan?

  4. Bryan M says:

    Looks 670-1 compliant, is this from the Army jungle boot testing?