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Armageddon Gear x LFT Release 3 New Products

Lead Faucet Tactical Founder Dan Brokos has teamed up with Armageddon Gear to release three new nylon products. As with all things by Armageddon Gear, the LFT items are Made in the USA!

Brokos Belt


Dan originated the Brokos Belt and they’ve been made by a few companies over the years. But in this case, he has modernized the design for this new version from Armageddon Gear.


It’s only 3” wide and incorporates laser cut PALS compatible slots. Designed to work as either a standalone piece using the Tweave-covered padded liner belt (included) or in conjunction with the Velcro loop-faced inner belt, the Armageddon Gear Brokos Belt is lined with hook Velcro for stability. The polymer-reinforced outer belt is covered in a laser-cut Cordura laminate material that is segmented for use with belt-mounted holsters and other gear.


Package Contains:
LFT Armageddon Gear Brokos Outer Belt
LFT Armageddon Gear Brokos Inner Belt
LFT Armageddon Gear Brokos Padded Liner Belt

A pistol belt (sold separately) is required to complete your belt rig.


Available in Black and MultiCam, sizes Med-2XLarge.

Dump Pouch

The Dump Pouch is a great compliment to the Brokos Belt. Constructed of Mesh, it features a top opening reinforced with rigid scuba webbing liner to ensure the mouth of the pouch stays open.


PALS compatible, it can be rolled closed when not needed. Available in Coyote.


Lightweight Carbine Sling


Last, but not least is a new sling. This 2-Point Sling is easily adjustable and ultralightweight, made from Hypalon, Nylon and Tweave. In fact, Armageddon Gear says the material is so light and pliable the rolled-up sling almost fits in a damn can of Copenhagen. Available in MultiCam.


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3 Responses to “Armageddon Gear x LFT Release 3 New Products”

  1. Huch says:

    Looks nice. Wish they sold that inner belt by itself so I could use it on my existing battle belts.

  2. Stickman says:

    Am I seeing the images correctly in that the battle belt is unpadded and simply adds room to an existing belt by way of velcro attachment?

    • RobertTheTexan says:

      Hey Stick,
      It looks like the center image is a padded belt that’s optional. I checked out CSM Brokos’ website, and there they have a good depiction of what you’re getting. So it’s possible to run the belt with the padded middle piece or without. I wonder if it’s still stiff on the top end without the padded belt? Here’s a link where you can see the padded belt partially velcro’d to the outer belt, that image should validate my statement. 🙂 TTYL