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Darley Defense Days 18 – Trijicon RM06-HRS

Trijicon is displaying their new RM06-HRS (Handgun Reflex Sight). Based on the Type 2, it is their submission for USSOCOM’s Miniature Aiming Solution – Daylight solicitation.

It features a 3.25 MOA Red Dot and has survived 40,000 slide cycles on a Glock 19 in testing.

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4 Responses to “Darley Defense Days 18 – Trijicon RM06-HRS”

  1. James F. says:

    Any functional difference between this and the type 2? Or is it just branding and color?

  2. Orion Quach says:

    Okay sooo it’s not a Type 2 RMR06? Or is the RM06-HRS just a package of the RMR and night sights?

  3. Wake27 says:

    Does this have the stupid 16 hour auto dimming thing?

  4. Michael Peckerman says:

    Is it the DDP footprint?