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Get A Demonstration of FalCom from TEA Headsets and GN Hearing At SOFIC

TEA Headsets (SOFIC Booth #1602) has partnered with GN Hearing, Inc. and their new Advanced Hearing Protection Division to provide users with the latest in state-of-the-art communications and hearing protection.


FalCom – Advanced Communications
TEA and GN have developed an in-ear advanced communication system, called FalCom, based off three main factors: comfort, clarity, and protection. If the system is comfortable, the user is less likely to not wear his or her hearing protection. Once again, if the incoming audio is clear and concise while maintaining his or her situational awareness and simultaneously protecting their hearing, they are less likely to not wear the system. When Servicemembers deployed during combat operations after 9-11, the only thing available was either foam ear plugs or old analog ear muff style headsets. Since very few outside of SOCOM even had hearing protection or limited access to it, Servicemembers went without hearing protection in order to survive. This prompted the development of the FalCom system for current, future SOCOM and DoD programs.

Situational Awareness and 3-D Audio

Another key feature of the FalCom system is its 3-D (Programmable 4D-Q3) audio spacial awareness feature. This allows the user to hear incoming audio from different directions in the ear buds. Therefore, instead of receiving audio from left-right or both sides the user will be able to hear sounds coming from left rear, right rear or the front. This greatly enhances the user’s ability to easily distinguish a higher priority channel over a lower priority channel.

Plug and Play Beyond Today

Together, all these features combine to make the new FalCom an easy to use, “Plug and Play” system providing unmatched comfort, situational awareness, and hearing protection. On today’s asymmetric battlefield, the old adage, shoot-move-and communicate is more important than ever. The ability to hear clear and concise radio communications is critical therefore industry-leading hearing protection is a force multiplier greatly enhancing the potential for mission success and more importantly increasing the protection of our greatest asset, those who serve the nation.


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2 Responses to “Get A Demonstration of FalCom from TEA Headsets and GN Hearing At SOFIC”

  1. CAVstrong says:

    This probably goes without saying but can these “ear buds” transmit audio as well?

    • Csc0321 says:

      Pretty much guarantee it has an inner ear bone conduction capability similair to their V60.