Beez Combat Systems Retro-kit Cummerbunds

FirstSpear®, Tubes™ are trademarks of FirstSpear, LLC. Products shown with these trademarks are built with FirstSpear Technology™

Now available with FirstSpear Tubes or ROC buckle. With laser cut GRID or Molle webbing.


  • Full cummerbund with integrated side plate pockets. Holds 6×6,6×8 or 7×8
  • Support soft armor inserts 6×12-17″ or rigid inserts
  • Available with Tubes or ROC buckle
  • Standard Molle webbing or GRID
  • Multiple color options
  • Dimension:
    Total length 35″ +/- 8″ (for elastic adjustment), Dimension 6.75″x 17.5″. Fits carriers with back flap 7″

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    3 Responses to “Beez Combat Systems Retro-kit Cummerbunds”

    1. JUAN says:

      That second image doesn’t look like the FS tubes? Aren’t those the knock offs that only open one direction?

    2. Joe_momma says:

      What’s the difference when compared to the actual First Spear retrofit CB?

    3. The second image is of the ROC buckle. It is an Italian quick release buckle. The Europeans are using it. FirstSpear Tubes cannot be sold outside of the USA.

      The difference is our cummerbund is design to work with plate carriers that have a pass through back flap.

      The cummerbunds are also available in standard molle webbing and multiple color options.