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BLACKHAWK! Named 2017 Montana Manufacturer of the Year by Montana Chamber of Commerce


Overland Park, KS – May 25, 2018 – BLACKHAWK!, the leading manufacturer of high-tech holsters and tactical accessories, was recently presented with the 2017 Montana Manufacturer of the Year Award at the Manufacturing and International Trade Day event, held by the Montana Manufacturing Association, a subsidiary of the Montana Chamber of Commerce.

“Our team is deeply honored and very excited to receive this recognition,” said BLACKHAWK! Factory Operations Manager Lamont Kotter. “This is a testament to the great work our employees do every day in our factory and in the community.”

The criteria in choosing a winner for the award included factors such as employee engagement, development opportunities for employees and operational excellence. BLACKHAWK! excelled in all categories, showing over 300 continuous improvement ideas generated from employees, clear career path progression for workers, a strong record of safety, as well as a growth of 140 jobs at the facility over the past six years. All of these accomplishments put BLACKHAWK! out front as first choice for the award.

“We believe that as manufacturers and business leaders we have two purposes,” said Kotter. “First, to improve the business year over year. We work to drive out costs, improve the quality of our product, improve the safety and efficiency of our operation and bring the very best products to market. Second, to contribute to the improvement of our community. The entire team is committed to these two missions which guide the rest of what we do. We are excited to be recognized for our efforts and the progress we have made.”

BLACKHAWK! is an engaged community partner that supports efforts to bring people together, honor military and law enforcement, and advocate for the importance of manufacturing jobs. BLACKHAWK! employees work with local schools to help promote an interest in manufacturing and give young people an opportunity to learn first hand about the profession. Working alongside other manufacturers, in 2017, BLACKHAWK! employees helped develop a 10 day curriculum on manufacturing and taught it in one of the local schools in the area. In addition, BLACKHAWK! hosts many student tours of the factory each year and mentors students on engineering projects, believing that young people are the future of the manufacturing business.

BLACKHAWK!, a Vista Outdoor, Inc. brand, is committed to providing the best class of tactical gear. For more information, visit www.blackhawk.com.


12 Responses to “BLACKHAWK! Named 2017 Montana Manufacturer of the Year by Montana Chamber of Commerce”

  1. .308 says:

    Have these people done business with VISTA?


  2. minn-kota says:

    Really disappointed that Vista hasn’t joined in with the boycott of Dick’s Sporting goods. They have some brands that would really kick them in the balls, and the positive PR in our world would be priceless.

    (But we still wouldn’t buy a Serpa).

    • Leacher says:

      SERPA is still fine with ALL HK Platforms. No ND issues and faster, intuitiv draw. Beat that. #AntiSerpaBashing

      • Mike D says:

        Go pick yourself up an ALS holster, you can thank me later

        • leacher says:

          Got Safarilands in my hands more often than in gh, bit this little thump lever got totally no feedback to me. It is small, halve rounded crap. By the way: look here: http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=riu7o.jpg This happend – believe it or not – just yesterday: A comrad of mine broke his 6350? 6380? (MC, ALS, G17, Taclight, Righthanded, on QLS at midridr) by just hittng a barricade while moving. The little outside located spring cover broke, the spring now sticks out and the whole ALS retention does not work anymore… Lets see if Safariland Warranty will take care of that. Still: I see NO benefit at all. Its heavy and fragil and the retention can fail in both ways: like in this case, or with some dirt in the mechanics, the lever can get blocked and gives you the worst case: No backup draw if you need it. My Blackhawk for HK P30 works since something like 8 years and got abused by me like hell. Works fine.

          • leacher says:

            More often than enough*

          • leacher says:

            *and I got BH bevor for HK USP Series bevor which never failed aswell. I just wanted to point out that one holster by itself never failed. Military application – not LE. So its getting into the dirt every week. Heres a pic: http://www.abload.de/img/lervq.jpg

          • Leacher says:

            Safariland Replied: No case of Warranty – and no confession to a a weak chain in the design. Sad. For a ~300USD-400USD (Import to EU and Stuff, Safariland is dammmmn expensive over here) Holster I expected the Company to be slightly more obligingness.

      • Buck K says:

        Leacher, you’ve spelled “intuitive” incorrectly.

        • leacher says:

          Not that important – I nees to speak 4 different languages – and guess what, english wasn’t the first of them.

          • Jester says:

            The point is that you were correcting someone else for a misspelling when discussing the dive knife.

            • Leacher says:

              There was a mistake even I could see – I pointed on it. No big story to me.