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TNVC is Excited to Announce the RNVG from AB NightVision Inc


The RNVG is designed as the most rugged night vision goggle available. While most NVG’s are built with molded polymer housings, the RNVG features a 7075 aluminum chassis for unsurpassed rigidity and structural strength. All articulation points have been beefed up to increase impact resistance, giving users one tough goggle. Designed and machined at AB NightVision, and finished / assembled at TNVC, the Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle is ready to face the toughest customers and harshest environments!


Traditionally, the weakest point in a night vision goggle is the joint between the optic pods and the bridge. This point accounts for the majority of catastrophic breakage when a NVG is dropped or hit. Part of this reason is that these joints are either polymer on polymer or metal on polymer interfaces. While there are some seriously impact resistant polymers out there, it’s hard to beat aluminum for strength to weight ratios. Both the optic pods and bridge in the RNVG are machined from solid billet 7075 (a material that is 36% stronger than most common steel), to give end users the strongest NVG on the market (not to mention a little piece of mind). Careful design and advanced machining keep the weight down to 20 oz. with a battery installed.

More info available on the TNVC website. tnvc.com/shop/ab-nightvision-rnvg-ruggedized-night-vision-goggle

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4 Responses to “TNVC is Excited to Announce the RNVG from AB NightVision Inc”

  1. Phil says:

    How big is the weight penalty for the added ruggedness?

  2. benb says:

    They weigh 20.1oz

  3. Leacher says:

    The Andres Industrie TILO thermal imigaer is build into carbon nano tubes…
    So – why are they not going directly to the leading edge technology of material?
    Or some Magnesium alloy for minimum?
    Aluminium is way to heavy.

    • Ken Rull says:

      I imagine it’s to keep cost down, maintaining weight and while still improving on durability.