Lowa Zephyr Mk2 GTX

ADS Federal Range Day 18 – Oakley SI Advancer

The Advancer was designed to fight lens fogging with a different approach.

If the lens starts to fog up, you pull a switch at the bridge and the lens pushes away from the bridge, giving it extra space and air.



3 Responses to “ADS Federal Range Day 18 – Oakley SI Advancer”

  1. Wake27 says:

    They give an ETA?

  2. Adun says:

    I know the additional space is quite small, but is there any concern about the adjustment of the glasses away from the face will reduce the protection they provide?

    This looks like a novel idea, I would just be interested in seeing the test data, or at least know that they have strenuously tested the glasses when they are slightly more away from the face.

    • EODFish says:

      ESS has this for their crossbow gasket kit and while it helps without opening too far I have still been able to get them to fog. I’d be curious to see how much of a difference it makes on non-full seal glasses.