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Kit Badger – Kit Badger Anatomy Targets


Ivan of Kit Badger saw the commercial offerings for firearm targets, and felt he could do better. So, he came up with the Kit Badger Anatomy Targets, or KBATs. KBATs are designed to be flexible in application, with appropriate anatomical dimensions, and a design that reads well within 50 yards. The target set consists of both a head sheet and thoracic cavity sheet, which can either be used stand-alone or in tandem to spruce up a standard target silhouette, especially useful during ‘failure drills’, when transitioning the proper vertical distance between the head and chest is paramount.

Kit Badger Anatomy Targets can either be downloaded as a .pdf at the link below, or ordered on Kit Badger’s webstore, or through Amazon.


One Response to “Kit Badger – Kit Badger Anatomy Targets”

  1. JW says:

    You guys be sure to give Kit Badger some love on YouTube. He has a 100k subscriber channel with only 5k subscribers.