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V Seven Weapon Systems 11.5” Harbinger SBR

For immediate release – Glendale, OR – Continuing with the focus on their AR10 / SR25 line of products, V Seven Weapon Systems has introduced the new Harbinger 11.5” .308 SBR and Harbinger 11.5” .308 Complete Uppers.

The new Harbinger 11.5” .308 SBR is available in two different configurations.

Option #1 features the 11.5” .308 lightweight contour fluted barrel under a 10.75” Magnesium Hyper-light handguard in your choice of MLOK or KeyMod. This is perfect for those looking to add their own suppressor or muzzle device option.

Option #2 takes the same 11.5” .308 lightweight contour fluted barrel but is placed under the 13.5” Magnesium Hyper-light handguard, again in your choice of MLOK or KeyMod, with a HELIOS Titanium Linear Compensator tucked under the end of the handguard giving you a few extra inches of handguard to add grips, lights, etc.

Already have an AR10 SBR or AR Pistol lower? No problem. The V Seven Harbinger 11.5” Complete Uppers are available separately as well.

For more information please go towww.VSevenWeaponSystems.comor give us a call at 541-832-2179.


3 Responses to “V Seven Weapon Systems 11.5” Harbinger SBR”

  1. Mick says:

    So, I’m not super tactical guy, and genuinely curious… what’s the rationale behind a SBR in such a large caliber? What can this do that a SBR in 5.56 not do?

    • Kyle Kata says:

      Move two to three times the weight out the barrel.

    • Corey W says:

      It can be a bit of an oxymoron, but it’s just a balance of intended target distance vs what you have to carry around, and overall length when adding a suppressor. Regarding comparison to 5.56, we’re talking a ~150-175 grain bullet vs a ~55-65 grain bullet. People who like this idea are going to argue things like ‘stopping power’ and ‘hydrostatic shock’, and the term ‘windshield’ may come up a few times.

      The 7.62×51 SBR likely comes from the centuries-old debate: “What’s better, a large slow-moving projectile, or a small fast-moving projectile?” Opinions are strong on both sides (ref: .45 vs 9mm).