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SIG SAUER: Made in America

A few of the men and women of SIG SAUER talk about what it means to be a part of one of the world’s leading defense and shooting sports companies, the pride they have in their veteran brothers and sisters and the dedication and hard work that goes in to being proudly “made in America”.


3 Responses to “SIG SAUER: Made in America”

  1. fritz bousigschouer says:

    und niemand spricht mehr deutsch. i was by sig in neuhausen a couple times back then and the quality and workmanship did change since then a good bit unfortunally. sig sauer usa would have be a more fit title.

  2. .308 says:

    I guess they did not want to profile red dot sights, telescopes or air guns in this flag waver!

    • Jeff S says:

      Or Indian manufactured MIM parts that are apparently plaguing the new P365.

      Oh SIG… 🙁